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My Favourite Old Lady.

I figured that I mention my cat, Doll so much but hardly ever talk about Suzie anymore. Suzie is our family cat, who was adopted full-time by my Gran when we were busy moving a few years ago. As she had her every need attended to, we decided to let her stay with my Gran, and in her older years I’d definitely say it’s overall the better thing for her anyway.

We share a birthday so these were taken a couple of weekends ago when I was staying with my Gran. She’s like my sister and the nicest cat, although Dolly’s improving there’s a lot she can learn from Suzie, who’s now the grand old age of 17. She’s been part of my life for such a long time and is always pleased to see me so it’s hard to imagine how I’ll feel when she’s not around anymore but she’s hanging in there well and truly as despite not being up to hunting (she’s brought us in bats and even bunnies among the usual birds and mice!) and slowing up, she’s a lot more with it than her age would imply. She’s really easy to take photos of and likes nothing more than cuddling up on the nearest person’s lap.

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