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Little Buddy.

It’s only Monday and it’s already one of those weeks that definitely needs an eighth day. I have so many ideas and things I want to get done but I just don’t have the time, and I don’t even have work to blame, I don’t know where all my time is going.

Only I would get a whole weekend off on the same weekend where my boyfriend, who I hardly see considering we live together, has to work on Saturday. All things considered though, I had a pretty nice weekend. Here are some photographs I took on Sunday, we had Moon’s family down and went out for a nice lunch, sidelining into an obligatory mini-tour of Newbury, hopefully it will be the last one we do for a while as everyone who needed to visit now has.

I gave lemonade another shot which much more success, so much nicer than my pink lemonade efforts, and I didn’t even follow the recipe very well.
Who would have thought lemons, sugar and water could taste so good?

Cat News: Moon and Doll have seriously bonded in the last couple of weeks, I don’t know how it’s happened but I could almost say he feels as though she’s his cat too now. Makes me feel so nice.

I really wish the farmer’s market in Newbury was bigger, I’d be able to see more characters like this chap.

Steak & Chips at The Lock, Stock and Barrel; definitely one of my new favourite places to eat in Newbury and it’s right on the canal too.

I picked up some old National Geographics from the YMCA shop, I love the vintage adverts, and hope to use them for something soon.

I have quite a few posts lined up and lots of photos to share, it was so nice to have the time to snap away, even if there’s little time for much else at the moment.

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