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Lasers! Oh My!

As I’m super behind, if you’re a regular reader you may have seen in my last ‘Photo An Hour’ post that for my birthday Moon and I nipped out to a little place in Oxford called Atomic Pizza, I know it’s a duo with it’s sister-restaurant being in Bristol but it feels really ‘independent’ and as the daughter of someone who used to be an independent restaurant owner I often feel more akin to places like this, maybe not necessarily for that reason in this case, but generally I do love trying out local places over large chains.

I actually fancied trying this place out after having a little creep on a girl I worked with at Vue’s Instagram, her photos made my mouth water and it looked so cool, I knew I had to go! I always get to go somewhere nice on my birthday so that’s where I picked, I had no idea that it would be so up my street or so reasonably priced. There’s retro memorabilia everywhere – you may be able to tell that’s something I’m really in to from my frequent visits to vintage markets and carboots – right down to the names of the dishes on the menu, a touch I really appreciated. We were sat next to a screen that showed trailers of old Hanna Barbara cartoons like ‘Captain Caveman’ and ‘Wacky Races’. I went for a Coke Float and we had nachos to start, Moon had a pulled pork burger and I went for the ‘Babe Ruth’ (I had to), which was a burger with mustard, ketchup, onions and hotdogs and the nicest onion rings I’ve ever eaten, oh my God. For the two of us, including a few drinks it was only a little over £30 which I think is great given the dining experience; our waitress was really attentive and had the neatest nail art.

Kind of wish we’d asked for stickers with our dishes as you can collect them.

Moon went for their chilli fries, which weren’t what I thought they would be but really tasty all the same.

Instead of mints we got Vimto lollipops ♥

The best wallpaper I’ve ever seen.

Outfit details here.

I’d easily recommend it to anyone, even though it’s around 40 minutes outside of Newbury, it was worth the drive and I’ll definitely be insisting on taking my friends here on their next visit, one of my favourite ever birthday meals.

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