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In an Instax.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything actually ‘Photography’-related on here. I think I’d like to get back into the swing of things, my intention of creating this blog was to use it as a digital scrapbook after all.

I really love my Fujifilm Instax 600 AF, next to my DSLR it’s my favourite camera. I have had Polaroids in the past but they just don’t compare. I’m looking forward to testing the sister-camera I found at the car boot a couple of weeks ago, I’m undecided on selling, but there’s no way I’ll be getting rid of the 600 AF as it was a gift from my mum, even if it was a freeb. I’ve noticed Urban Outfitters are now selling Fujifilm cameras and film, naturally for cray-cray prices but it’s given me something to think about as my money situation isn’t a good one for saving up for a new digital camera (#pauper).

As well as some instant photos, I’m also sharing some 35mm photographs – all of these photos were taken in Turkey – taken on what used to be an underwater camera I picked up in Hong Kong last year. I say ‘used to be’ because the casing decided to pack itself in, I still used it in the water a little as I wasn’t so fussed if it got damaged. I think it’s totally had it’s day and I’ve since chucked it as it wasn’t very nice under it’s casing anyway, and there was a bit of hassle rewinding this roll resulting in losing a few photos.

Thanks to this morning’s browse on the Urban Oufitters website, and being slightly inspired by the potential behind these 35mm photographs, I find myself lusting after a La Sardina. I’ve seen a few example images on my favourite photography blogs, and I love the double-exposure effect. I’ve used Dianas before but never really got the hang of them, the La Sardinas seem really simple to use though and they come in such pretty designs. My favourite is the Marathon one although it’s really hard to choose. I might be popping one of these on to my birthday wish-list.

The Pool.
These first few photos were taken with a special-edition packet of Hello Kitty film I picked up. In hindsight, it was a silly, novelty purchase, and for some reason she’s missing eyes in the scans. My inner-child is still ridiculously pleased though.

On a boat.


The Pregnant Church.



Taxiboat to Turunç

Little sad that this has a little light-leak, but it’s probably my favourite too.


I’m dipping in and out of my Turkey photo album, probably the last time I go for a sticky-paged album, it’s such a chore. Saying that, it’s coming along really well and mostly I’m enjoying it.

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