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Hearts, florals etc.

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these kind of posts, not to mention a first for actually having Topshop to thank for it as I seem to have unintentionally only bought things from Topshop recently – they do have a sale on after all.

First up, are these two pretty dresses, I was sad about having to return the white one as it was such a bargain at just £10, but it was just too big. I adore the floral one though, covered in daffodils, lovely for summer, and such a flattering length – it was also only £10, marked down from £40 in the sale.

I also got this cute necklace, which actually wasn’t in the sale for just £4, which I thought was really reasonable for Topshop. I know it’s just costume jewellery but I think it so sweet and sits so nicely when wearing it.

It’s actually been well over two years since I last ordered something online from Topshop, I think it’s the high P&P that puts me off, but I might take more time to scout out bargains in the sale now.
Last of my Topshop purchases, was that heart dress ♥, in the sale marked down from £40 to £20. I’ve seen this beaut everywhere and I knew I wanted it. Now I have it I know I never would have paid £40 for it as the material doesn’t really deserve such a high price-tag, there isn’t even an underskirt/slip. I’m already thinking of occasions this will come up trumps for as although I own a lot of dresses I don’t have any like this. I actually sent the one I’m wearing in the photos back as it was a little big, luckily the size down was still in stock, and funnily enough arrived yesterday. I opted for the ‘tall’ version as I know Topshop tends to cater to those leggier than myself, and I knew I wanted it a slightly longer length anyway.

Last, but not least, and kind of unrelated, I wanted to show you the neat, vintage National Geographics magazines I picked up from Newbury YMCA last weekend. I know my sister will appreciate a flick through them as she’s currently subscribed but I got them for the pretty advertisements. There are so many more left at the shop, I might have another look, there were a lot of neat camera ads to look at.

Have you picked up any sales bargains lately? They seem to be relentless, not to mention everywhere, quite the treat for a thrifty lady such as myself.

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