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Getting and getting.

This photo sure makes me look small, I’m pretty sure I’m not actually that small.
Although I’ve passed the age of getting presents from every person I’ve ever met, I felt truly spoilt on my birthday this year. I got so many surprises as well as so many things I wanted. I know some people don’t think of their birthday as a big deal and generally I suppose I don’t go as crazy as some other people I know, but I like to feel spoilt and get nice things, it’s not like it’s my birthday every day.

These light switch faces were a secret gift from my best friend sent with my birthday card, she’s so thoughtful. I first spotted these in the window of Maiden back in November, now I have two classy light switches in the kitchen, they’ve been already become a hidden talking point. My prized gift was my Nikon One, I hope to take it on a few adventures this weekend but it still feels like I’m cheating on my D90, I guess I’ll just have to alternate. Also pictured are my new kitchen knives, not the most glamourous of gifts, but probably the most needed.Note the kind birthday card from aforementioned best friend.

Gift from Moon: This was a surprise and something I wanted, it’s from Tesco of all places, but I love it, and it already goes with my kitty cushions. I’ve been loving Cath Kidston’s soldier designs and this comes very close and the rest of it is my favourite color ♥.

Gift from Moon: This pin is from Cath Kidston and compliments my new cushion so well.

Gift from Moon: Sadly I don’t have this anymore as it was a bit big and no longer in stock when we sent it back. It’s from Cath Kidston too, I genuinely wish I could have kept it but at the size it was it was kind of unflattering and a shame to waste such a nice dress, I loved the alternative take on polka dots.

Gifts from Moon: Moon and I are sometimes weirdly in sync, I happened to be browsing ‘Drive’ posters just a few weeks before and this beaut landed in my lap, all the way from America in a pretty frame. It’s one of our favourite films, definitely has potential to easily become a classic. He also picked me up a vinyl of Wall of Arms by The Maccabbees as they’re my favourite band and it’s my favourite album – we do have a lot of vinyl for people who don’t have a record player but this is a perfect piece of artwork and I love the scale.

Gift from my sister: This is actually my third name necklace, I’ve not had the best luck and they always seem to break on me. Hopefully this one won’t, I love how huge it is.

This was a jokey gift from my Gran filled with cat toys for Doll, it’s quite a useful tin though and appropriate.

The weekend after my birthday we headed ‘home’ home to Dorking, and after a trip to Brighton, we spent the Sunday morning at our favourite car boot in Rusper, we hardly ever go away empty handed as was the case this time.

As soon as we got home I had to put her on the shelf, she sat there for a good 5 minutes.
We have far too many books and DVDs and it’s been annoying me from the moment we unpacked them that they had to sit on just one shelving unit together, so we picked up this for just £5 and it doubles nicely as a side-table. We couldn’t resist this vintage 1930s Thermos for £3, we’re thinking to give it dual use as both a vase and as a plain ornament.



So satisfying to see all my books in one place.

For Reading, although the weather ended up not really permitting it and I was covered in a jumper nearly all the time, a few of us decided Hawaiian shirts would be a good idea. I got these from ‘To Be Worn Again’ in Sydney Street for £5 each, a bargain, and I’m looking for any excuse to fit them into my everyday outfits.

I yammered on about these after my first visit to Porta in Brighton. It’s a tiny person necklace, it was in the sale and just £14, I had to have it after searching everywhere with no joy.

Have you received any nice gifts lately or bought yourself anything nice?

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