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Family Highlights.

It’s a week to go until my birthday and I must admit to feeling a slight pang on loneliness as it’s the first birthday I’ll be spending almost entirely on my own. I think there are plans to do something lovely with Moon in the evening but there’ll be no family or friends around me as usual, which is odd, but I suppose that’s how most grown ups do it. With an actual grown up job on the horizon, I start officially after Reading, I guess I’ll just have to get used to it. It’s quite the life-perk having a summer birthday though, hopefully the sun will at least stick around for me.

Anyway, enough chatter, here are some snaps I took when I was at home on Saturday that I’ve yet to share with you. I’m glad I’ll now have time to pop back at weekends if I want to and I’m looking forward to the weekend after my birthday where I’ll be spending spending quality time with my family, twenty-three is a horrible birthday anyway, I’ll probably need some time to wallow.

I never thought about it before but we nearly always had goldfish until we moved to New Malden, and then even in our current family home we only had a fishpond in the garden. These guys are a new addition since I’ve moved, I like them, but I’ve never seen goldfish as much more than moving decoration, despite my mum’s fondness for them. I’m looking forward to the impending arrival of a little cat down to how much my sister and mum both miss Doll.

We went out to a Korean restaurant in New Malden called KJ, I would have liked it a lot more if I hadn’t realised how much I actually don’t really like sushi/sashimi. I think that’s thanks to eating so much of it a few years ago in Hong Kong, now it just makes me want to vom a little.

I definitely sometimes think I look quite a lot like my mum, she’s gone pretty wild since she’s retired, she’s got a perm and everything. I say she’s gone wild, that’s probably the most drastic thing she’s done…

I must admit that it all looked amazing and delicious, and the tempura was perfect. I just must remember to pass up on sashimi at every given opportunity.

Actually, this massage chair is a pretty big change. Here’s Moon having a go on it once he got back from work, I enjoy his facial expression. It’s the weirdest machine yet, yes, there have been more than one, but it’s also the best.

I ate well on Saturday, my Mum’s cooking is the best.

We went out for a walk when we got home and spotted this little chap. I love hedgehogs, it was actually one of my first ‘proper’ words. Also the moon was beautiful, I may have found a downside to our garden in that the trees in the field behind hide the moon from us.

Coffee and donuts is always a winning combination to end a good day, particularly if they’re Krispy Kreme donuts ♥

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