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Clean Start by Dermalogica.

I’ve cheekily actually already blogged about this set, not sure if that’s a bit of a faux-pas or not. To be fair, it wasn’t a whole post it was just a brief paragraph within my review of June’s Glossybox, which feels like kind of a long time ago as I’ve since stopped my subscription and haven’t taken on any more beauty boxes as of yet.

I was planning on picking up this set eventually as I really enjoyed using it and it lasted for ages but I put it to the back of my mind until seeing it at the Duty Free when heading off to Turkey as a larger range, amazing! A bit of ‘googling’ brought me to Beauty Flash, an online stockist of Dermalogica at great prices. I got this set for £20.99, which seems steep but if I shelled out on high street skincare, I’d probably end up paying the same, it was also free postage and packaging and arrived within the week. I saved a ‘grand total’ of £1.51 through shopping at Beauty Flash and maybe there are better savings to be had elsewhere, but I got to choose two sets of free Dermalogica samples and overall they seem fairly reputable, with such a great range of products.

As someone who likes nothing more than good packaging, I have to say that given the bottles and the accompanying leaflets and samples, the box it all came in left a lot to be desired. The same problem I had with the ‘Clean Start Day and Night 3 Step Mini Kit’ I received in the Glossybox, it was all a little medical.

Two additional products from the first sample I had were a scrub (Ready, Set, Scrub), to be used on alternate days, and a night cream (Bedtime for Breakouts). I feel like I’m at that age where I have to start worrying about night creams and things like that and this one is great; it has the same matte effect as it’s daytime counterpart, I’m definitely a fan of going to bed with a night cream without feeling like I’ve slathered slime on my face. The scrub is also nice and a very fine, sandy texture which feels like it’s actually working rather than you’re just scrubbing for the sake of it.

I went for the same travel-size bottles that had come in my Glossybox because like I said, it lasts for ages and you don’t use much at a time. The ‘full-size’ bottles start at around £10, and are up to three times the size, but when buying the whole kit that makes it a lot less purse-friendly and sadly I’m on a bit of a budget. Also, as I mentioned, the travel-size bottles are more than enough for me.

The set came with a step-by-step manual, although I get the gist of it, it’s always nice to have more knowledgeable advice. It also allowed me to discover that Dermalogica, at least for this set, don’t test on animals. I’ll be honest and say I don’t pay that much attention to animal-friendly products as much as I should, but finding something like that out is always a bonus.

You’re allowed to choose whichever free samples you like at the checkout with Beauty Flash. I chose the day and night moisturisers as I knew these would be the products I’d like the most and run out of first. Beauty Flash also chucked in a free sample of the Clean Start ‘Brighten Up’ tinted moisturiser, which includes an SPF. I must admit that I’ve yet to try it but hopefully it will work out as well as all the other Clean Start range.
At the moment, I’m seeing the same effect I did when using these products before, my skin is brighter and clearer, and I’m glad to have made the leap. My skin is very temperamental so who’s to say that in a month’s time it will still work for me, I sure hope it does though because my face has never felt so clean.
Have you changed your skincare routine for the better recently?

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