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Given that I’ve returned to the same drizzle that made me want to up and leave, I’m currently wearing tights and I need to go food shopping, it pretty much goes without saying that it would be very nice to still be in Turkey now.

For a first time visit, it was pretty great, I really went in blind and was only searching for sun. I loved where we stayed, even if our hotel was a little rough around the edges and I’ve left with so much to share with you. It was the most relaxed I’ve seen Moon in about a year and it was great to really spend time with him without having to worry about anything other than suncream applications. It was between 40 and 50°C nearly every day with hardly any humidity, the sea was so clear and there were even cats! Still, at least I can have hot drinks again which will help the sore throat I’m currently nursing.

I don’t want to create an information overload so I’m going to break everything up but I am excited to share everything with you, as well as a few other un-Turkey things in between. I have so much myself to catch up on too, hello new faces, it’s nice of you to stop by ♥. I’m coming back with fresh eyes to everything, with much more energy ready to head in the right direction and even get back on the job hunt bandwagon.

I made myself the best playlist to go away with, filled with summer tunes from now and before. I hope to share a few with you in the coming posts, even if to take your own mind of the miserable weather too.

Today (after a food shop – boo!), I’ll be heading into town to get my photos printed and scout for an album to put them in, I’m feeling creative and so looking forward to throwing myself into a project. Tonight, I’m hoping to round off my lovely holiday with a Jurassic Park marathon, pretty exciting.

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