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Tuesday Tabs #25

Given that I’ve been away, I’ve still somehow managed to rack up a load tabs, Chrome is actually looking fairly clogged up.

Urgh, after having a sore throat since coming home from Turkey, I’m also now coming down with a cold, at least I hope that it’s a cold and not hayfever. At least the sun seems to have made an appearance today, so there might be an opportunity to sit in the garden later. I’ve applied for a fair amount of jobs already today, it’s quite nice to start fresh again because from experience, it’s definitely something to get down about easily, hopefully my hard work will pay off eventually.

So, here’s this week’s Internet findings.

1, 2, WeWood
How awesome are these watches? Moon’s been scouting for a new watch since breaking the strap on the one he was given for his 18th, it’s a while until Christmas yet, and we haven’t got any special events coming up, so I’m just going to put this here so I remember. I’d quite like one for myself too, they’re just such different designs in such a great range.

Vincent Laforet’s Areal Photography.
Tilt-shift lens work done well.

Offline Marketing Campaign.

3D Cats Tote Bag, Hello Jenuine
I love Jen Collin’s designs, and also have my eye on some of her stationary, this tote bag is so adorable.

Dog Leggings, QooQoo Fashion
These leggings are pretty good.

Lobster Print T-shirt, River Island at ASOS
I posted about another lobster-print tee ages ago, but I’ve since found this one, which I like much better. River Island has the nicest boys clothes at the moment, not necessarily for boys, but clothes I’d quite like to nab for myself. This is certainly to cute for my boy to wear.

1960s British Isles Wall Chart, The Shop at Number 57
Everything on this website reminds me that I haven’t been to Spitalfields is such a long time.

Ampersand Cross stitch Kit, The Shop at Number 57
I’m seriously considering buying this as it’s been a while now since I’ve done any sewing, particularly cross stitch and it would look so nice on the wall too.

Link Love:

  • Donna Wilson — The loveliest interiors and stationary from UK-based designer Donna Wilson. I wish that pay day didn’t seem so far away and that I felt like I could splash out. My favourite is this Mog Plate.
  • DIY Map Coasters Tutorial — I’m still on a bit of a maps hang up, and this looks like a fun and easy idea. We’re coming down with coasters though, as we have our own set and a set that Moon’s brother bought as, we really don’t have that many friends to warrant as many as we already have, but I’d still love to give this a go.
  • Summer of Self Love — If you’re a regular reader, you may notice I love to take part in online challenges and activities, whether I finish them is another story, but this is a lovely idea.
  • China’s Jurassic Park Theme Park — After only managing to watch the first Jurassic Park movie recently (I guess I’ll be working through the trilogy a lot slower than I’d given myself credit), I remember how much I loved it. The idea of a Jurassic Park-inspired theme park genuinely excites me, regardless of the use of animatronics, if done well, they can still seem just as real, I’d love to go.
  • Just Me and My Dad — A heart-warming Photography project carried out by a father and daughter team.
  • Wooden Camera Necklace — I’m on a hunt for some new statement jewellery, this cute wooden camera necklace is close to being the one.
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