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Tuesday Tabs #24

I think I’ve actually been a pretty good blogger in the last week or so and have managed to really keep on top of things, with more posts lined up for the rest of the week before I pop off and away. I’m so excited for it, and this recent weather isn’t doing much to make me wish I was sticking around. I am a bit sad that we’ll miss the Olympic torch passing through Newbury but I probably would have had to work anyway so I don’t think I’m actually missing anything.

So here’s some nice things from this week that I’ve found and liked.

Grey Daisy Midi-Dress, £32, Dorothy Perkins
The colours and cut of this dress are so dainty and feminine, it’s so cute. The length is so flattering too, I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this one in hope it pops up in the sale in time for my birthday (A month and a half isn’t so long away is it?).

Abbey Tabby Heel, $124.99, Jeffrey Campbell via Modcloth
It’s not that I don’t like Litas, I just would never be able to wear them, high high heels and I just don’t get on. So these marry the lovely cat tapestry Jeffrey Campbell print and a Ruth-friendly heel perfectly.

DIY: Dip-dye Ombre Ballet Flats
Such a simple and pretty idea, I just wish I had the time to try it out.

Crocheted Cat Nest
I don’t think Doll would quite appreciate it if I made one of these as much as the kitty featured in the above post likes theirs. In fact Doll and I would probably arrive at the above stage and that would be the end of the project…

London Map Tee £25, Tee & Cake for Topshop
You may have noticed last week that I blogged about and bought a similar t-shirt. I don’t think I could justify getting this quite so soon or probably at all really, but I just like to keep myself aware of these things, plus maps are awesome.

This cracks me up but probably shouldn’t.

I like this photo a lot because the cat kind of looks like a larger, angrier version of Doll, but there’s also a nice story behind it.

Link Love:

  • Miss Cross-Stitch’s Street Embroidery — This is just about the neatest thing ever, and definitely something I wish I had the ability, let alone the patience to do. Some of the work featured on this blog is wonderful and just makes the world a better place.
  • Matthew & Me on Soundcloud — I’ve been listening to these guys pretty much non-stop for the last five days, now I don’t need to bother with their Soundcloud as much as I’ve managed to get my hands on a copy of their EP but you should definitely check them out, it was definitely love at first listen for me.
  • Holly Exley’s post about things that stir her imagination — Sometimes I forget that I’m following such a wonderful blog, but then I have a peek and she’s posted the most lovely things. I love Holly’s illustrations anyway, but the visuals of this post got my creative juices flowing as well, I guess that’s the wannabe picture researcher in me.
  • BBloggers Unite: Summer Nail Art Challenge — I think this blog is a really good idea, and I’m looking forward to really feeling like I’m part of an online community as it’s been a while. One reason I’m looking forward to my holiday is that I’m looking forward to painting my nails so I hope to share some designs soon, the prize is also pretty nice.
  • Lady Ties in Action — After talking about my lady tie from Flapper Girl yesterday, the lovely Christine who runs the store has pinned the images to her Lady Ties in Action Pinterest board, which is nice :).
  • Type Casting: The Deco-Inspired Typography of Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’ — I love all things ‘Girls’ related and I wish the season hadn’t ended already but this post about the concept of the title artwork is actually quite interesting. Once I’m back from my holiday I’ve got a few things I want to start doing and drawing both digitally and on paper is one of them.

  • I hope this post and my recent excellent attendance will make up for my absence next week. Only three more sleeps to go!

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