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If you’re a regular reader then you’ll know I’m a big fan of Rob Ryan, he’s easily one of my favourite artists and he lifts my spirits.
When I heard about his collaboration with Alphabet Bags, it was an opportunity to good to miss.

I’ve been a bit strapped for cash in terms of picking up the Rob Ryan pieces that I really want, and this was a much more accessible route to go down. I must admit that I was a little skeptical that £16 would be a little much for a tote bag, despite following Alphabet Bags for a little while and seeing other peoples. However, as usual, I’m eating my own words because it’s one of the sturdiest tote bags I’ve ever seen, it seems a lot thicker than others I have in my collection. It will definitely come in handy for tomorrow’s car-boot rummage, as well as other bits and bobs, I plan to use it all time! I think it’s fairly obvious why I got an ‘R’, but in all honesty, I could have gone for all of them because they all have cute little accents to make them different from one another, something I really like.

Delivery was super-quick too, I only ordered it on Thursday afternoon and it arrived with the post this morning, it certainly was great to come back from work to. As well as receiving the bag in good time, they also included a cute alphabet postcard featuring all the designs, perfect. As if I didn’t have enough Rob Ryan artwork already, I can now add this to my collection. As Moon clumsily broke the frame of my most recent Rob Ryan purchase, it makes a pretty replacement, although I hope to get another frame and put the ‘bells’ card somewhere else soon.

As well as the tote bag, I also ordered a copy of the summer 2012 edition of ‘S.P.Q.R’ (Sentanus Populsque Ryantown), Rob Ryan’s quarterly newspaper for his shop ‘Ryantown’. I kind of forgot about it, but it was pretty nice that both items arrived at the same time. This issue is all about why Rob Ryan got into ceramics and all the cool things he’s producing. It’s so beautiful, even for a newspaper, filled with lovely text and pretty pictures, I’d definitely buy it again. I particularly liked this issue for the exposure of the ceramic cats and dogs he does and the different ways he’s painted them, makes me wish I could get my hands on a pair.

I’d definitely say these purchases were a great success and I’m so pleased. Expect to see a lot more of my Rob Ryan tote, thank you Hayley and Lucas .
If you fancy one yourself, you can have a peak at the lookbook here, it’s a lovely, simple shoot, I like it. There is currently free worldwide shipping on Rob Ryan Alphabet bags until 27th July.

Also, because it was too good:

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