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Turkey #3

Marmaris was probably my least favourite place that we visited the whole time that we were away. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the kind of resort that it is, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with getting into that kind of mentality when on holiday but it felt to me to be very ‘Brits on Tour’. It’s kind of tacky and it’s so stressful with every other person wanting you to buy something, from ‘genuine-fakes’ to something to eat. It was really fun getting the taxi-boat over from Turunç though, mostly because it took a Turkish half-hour (1 hour) and it was great to feel the breeze.

We stopped for lunch at one of the cafés on the main promenade called, Stella. It was really nice, they played Nouvelle Vague in the background, it was such a pleasant atmosphere. We could even have stayed to relax on their sunbeds, but I’d had too much sun by then – it was 50˚C that day, I was literally jabbering away about nothing when we were getting the boat to head back.

Should I be ashamed that I never got around to trying any Turkish Delight? Maybe it was uncultured of me, but there were so many other gelatinous desserts provided by our hotel that I did well to not cry.

Bit sad, but we were amazed by how many different brands of water there are in Turkey. I know it’s just the same in the UK, but aside from a few times, we weren’t able to pick up the same brand twice! Even if they were the same brand, sometimes their bottles were different shapes, very disconcerting to a branding-nut such as myself.

Most of the shops we came across weren’t really to my taste but we did stumble into the wonderful – not to mention air-conditioned – MODA. It’s a beautiful shop, inspired by shabby-chic interiors, think of a much more up-market Cargo. They also sold clothes and accessories, and Moon bought me a lovely bag, which I’ll show you later. I also fell in love with a dressing shade that held tealights, probably no good for outdoors here but it would have looked lovely in our garden.

We really did try to find something on the menu without chips but Marmaris caters for people who love chips so this is what we got. Chicken kebab wraps, they were lovely and I must say, the chips were pretty great too.

We rounded off our meal with a tasty ice-coffee, something Moon basically lived on for the rest of the holiday.

When we got back to the hotel, it was very much pool time, which is where we spent the remainder of the afternoon before heading to a lovely bar in the evening with a man who sang covers of classic rock songs – with a Turkish accent.

This is our hotel room, I must admit I was ever so disappointed when we arrived and the towels weren’t arranged as swans on the bed.

It was kind of funny seeing Moon wander around in his real Ray-Bans when every other shop was offering super-cheap pretty good looking fake ones.

I’m so glad I brought my Fujifilm Instax with me, I got so much out of it. I can’t wait to stock it up with more film it’s such fun to shoot with and everyone’s always so confused as to what kind of camera it is. BEST freebie ever.

I was reading ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ while I was away, I must say although it’s a great book, I still enjoyed the film more. Maybe because the book went even further than the film, I just ended up feeling a bit tense and angry once I’d finished. I must mention I was about the only English person not reading ’50 Shades of Grey’, although I started it last night…

Turunç at night is still fairly busy, although thankfully it’s nothing like ‘Sun, Sex & Suspicious Parents’.

Apparently these are the Turkish signs for male and female toilets, nearly everywhere had some variation rather than the standard ‘man’ and ‘woman’ figures that I’m used to.

I’m ashamed to say that as I was really not into 500 Days of Summer, I kind of avoided Zooey Deschanel for a really long time. But I’m a huge fan of New Girl and I love Hello Giggles, so I’ve been getting a bit into Zooey’s band, ‘She & Him’. Her voice really compliments the old-school folk style they emit and I’ve really warmed to them.

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