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Stones and Photographs.

I meant to do this forever ago but it didn’t really fit with any of my other posts at the time and I wanted the ‘holidayness’ to die down a little first. I wanted to share this with you for two reasons, one because I wanted to show you the new bag that Moon bought me while we were away, and because I found myself carrying some odd things around without realising.

I totally love this bag, and fell for it a little when we were nosing around Marmaris and had a look in MODA. It’s real leather but was pretty reasonably priced considering, it was so nice of Moon to get me a holiday gift. On my return, I also found that it’s very similar to a bag from Modcloth that I mentioned in Tuesday Tabs months ago, and I actually like this one a lot more. ♥

From left to right: Handbag: Moda Accessories / Instant photographs / Passports / 18-105mm lens / Pens / Spare battery / Extra instant film / iPod Touch / Pebbles / Instax 500AF / Sunglasses
Not pictured: Nikon D90 & 35mm lens

These were in here for my mum, recently wherever I go, I always bring her back stones for her fish tank, I can’t really explain why I started doing it, but she’s always really pleased.

I really enjoyed taking lots of instant film while we were away – I’ll share these with you soon, I promise – and it was actually quite nice to carry them around in my handbag and look at them.

I’ve seen quite a few other ‘What’s in my Bag’ posts, so I thought I’d give it try myself as my bag was a bit different from how it usually is. It’s much more boring now though, I think, with so many more pens.

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