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Sounds like ‘trunk’.

Hello, Turunç.

Here are some photos from the first day of Turkey. We were absolutely shattered by the time we arrived at four in the morning, after a sweaty bus trip and being bunged into a taxi with no explanation, we actually managed to make it to our hotel in one piece.

We stayed in the My Meriç Hotel in the small fishing town of Turunç (pronounced ‘too-runch’). They like to make out it’s a quaint village, and although small, there’s plenty going on and certainly enough to keep you entertained if you’re plan is to relax rather than party. It’s less than an hour’s taxi-boat ride to the larger towns of İçmeler and Marmaris – although it’s much quicker to get a taxi/bus, the only road in and out of the town is up a huge mountain and we only used it when we had to for excursions and arriving and leaving. The views were fantastic but the ride was always a bit dicey. I really enjoyed staying in Turunç and this won’t be the last you’ll hear of it for the week as although we were quite busy, we did spend a fair amount moseying around the town, particularly in the evening.

After a good night’s sleep and a meeting with our hotel rep. This is the last minute skirt and top I mentioned a few posts ago, that skirt got so much wear last week, it’s definitely one of my favourite items of clothing at the moment. It’s so comfortable and flowy, I’m just in love. ♥

Top: Fat Face
Necklace: Gift
Belt: eBay
Skirt: Fat Face
Flip Flops: Fitflop

We were staying on the 8th floor of ten, with the hotel also being at the top of a small hill, the view was pretty nice. Location-wise I don’t think we could really have had a nicer hotel without going into the more luxurious İçmeler – which is our next planned destination should we return to Turkey.

Even a small town like Turunç has an overwhelming amount of ‘Genuine Fakes’.

There were a lot of stray cats in Turunç, and as such they had this brilliant charity run mainly by Ex-Pats that helped care for them. They had a shop and donation boxes, encouraging tourists to leave items they they couldn’t fit into their luggage. They trap any new stray cats and neuter them and provide aftercare before releasing them again. They also tend to any sick cats and feed them. As a result, although they are strays, the cats are incredibly tame, we had so many approach us just for a scratch behind the ear.

This guy was probably my favourite that I met, he beckoned us over and was so happy for the attention.

You can see our hotel just poking out the top.

The sea was actually the perfect temperature, often even warmer than the swimming pool at the hotel. I’ve never seen water as clear!

Pool-side ready.

We were in and out of the pool most of the afternoon, so I guess Moon had just had enough of the sun by the time we were ready to head out for the evening. I’ll be honest and say we both had a cheeky nap before dinner, but we had only slept 5 hours after nearly 9 hours travelling so I think that it’s a forgivable offense.

We’d spotted notices for a pub quiz when we were wandering around the town, so we popped into Vanilla Vodka Bar to participate, they did lovely cocktails and although we didn’t win, we got some really impossible questions right, which is always a nice feeling.

I had a Tequila Sunrise and a Mojito ♥

I pinched these ladies, along with a few other cocktail sticks from other bars for home. They’re so fun ♥.

Our first day was pretty lazy, but I think all holidays should include elements of laziness, otherwise you may as well stay at work, so I’d say it was a pretty good start.

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