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No more than usual.

Sometimes, being denied the joy of painting my nails can be tough as it’s one of my favourite things to do. I didn’t manage to snap my nails properly whilst I was away really, although this is probably the most elaborate design I did as I mainly went for simple multi-coloured nails. Maybe it was a bit excessive bringing five polishes on holiday, but I love to change and have the choice.

Base Colours: Rimmel I ♥ Lasting Finish in Sunshine & Apricot Punch
Leopard spots: Models Own in Top Turquoise & Topshop Nail Art Pen in Nightrider
Top Coat: Rimmel Pro Super Wear Ultra Shine

I was a little against the Topshop Nail Art pen when I first got it, although I was really excited about it when I first heard about it. I’d say you really have to wait for your nails be completely dry for it to work properly, unlike the unbranded nail art pens that I’m used to or even the WAH/Models Own one. I think this is mainly due to the point of the nib and it just seems to scrape through the polish if it’s not the right consistency. I was pretty pleased with this result but I think the pen is better suited to more intricate designs and is waisted on easy, ‘splodgy’ ones like this.
It was fun while it lasted but I also found that taking the time out from painting my nails before going away has made them the strongest they’ve ever been and even after being put through the mill a bit last week, they’re still really healthy and not stained like they normally tend to be. If you’re a bit of a chronic nail painter like me, I would definitely recommend giving yourself a breather every now and then and just allow your nails to breathe. I must admit that I felt a little self conscience at first, but now all the rank staining has grown out and I’m quite happy to just have them bare even if I’d rather they were painted.

I thought I’d mention the top coat I’ve been using recently. I’ve never had much problem with Rimmel before, but I’m kind of unhappy with this one. I know I was spending a lot of time in the sea so I shouldn’t expect resistance to that, but even before going on holiday I’ve found this polish doesn’t live up to it’s 10-day-wear claim. I really wish it did, but even after a few hours it’s been easily chipped, it’s a real shame because the brush makes for great application and it dries super-fast. It’s been okay for it’s affordable £3.99 price tag and the fact I don’t want/need my nails painted for long periods of time, but I don’t think I’ll be getting this particular one again.

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