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New Do.

I probably picked the most miserable day to do it, but it’s one of just two free days I have left before heading off to Turkey on Friday and I was in desperate need of a chop. It’s been almost a whole year since I cut my hair last, there are a few reasons why but it’s done. I’ve found a nice hairdressers too, I’m so pleased with how it looks and at such a reasonable price too. I think it’s far too perfectly styled a cut for me though so I’ll probably do it a bit different from this once I’ve done it myself.

I wish I’d been a bit more adventurous as it feels like I’ve had the same hair cut for around ten years, which apart from a few exceptions, I basically have. I’m making a promise to myself to make a bigger change the next time I go, now probably would have been as good a time as any but I wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge. At least now, I have slightly lighter hair that’s better suited to a hot country, someone should definitely get to telling England that it’s July, so glad to be going away.

Moon cooked us a curry tonight, it was tasty, I’m so full I almost can’t move.

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