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Making it stretch.

Pay-day can’t come soon enough this month, less than a week to go! There’s a lot to pay for, once my rent’s out that doesn’t leave much left, I also have to pay my gas and electric and I’m trying to save for a new camera. However, I’m going to need to make this stretch with August being a big birthday month and I’m hoping to start up driving next week (*eep!).
I hate to bore you with another wish-list post but I’ve been so busy with work and needing sleep that I just haven’t really had time to do anything particularly interesting to share with you.

Dermalogica Clean Start Kit, £20.99 (via Beauty Flash)
This is one of the big things I’ll be investing in this month. I’ve since cancelled my Glossybox subscription due to their lack of actually meeting my ‘beauty profile’ and because I’ve seen better boxes for the same or less money. However, this kit is one of the best things I’ve used to come out of subscribing to Glossybox. I’m yet to sign up to another beauty box and I’m not sure if I will for a while. Anyway, I’m in love with this kit, it’s so refreshing and I’ve found it leaving my skin very clear with no residue. The mattifying moisturiser with SPF is an added bonus and definitely my favourite face moisturiser I’ve ever used. At the price being offered by Beauty Flash, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone.

Death at Seaworld: Shamu and the Dark Side of Killer Whales in Captivity, £15.55, Amazon
I’m a massive fan of Seaworld and I’m really looking forward to going there in December, so I’m not sure how good an idea it would be to read this but I’m really intrigued by the case and the ethics surrounding the treatment of such intelligent mammals as killer whales and dolphins. The Cove is one of my all-time favourite documentaries and it really hit a nerve. I’m not ready to become an activist and start preaching to you just yet but it’s a subject I like to keep informed about.

A Visit to Charleston House for Rob Ryan’s Exhibition
(Possibly coinciding with a daytrip to Brighton if the weather stays nice.)

Mumford & Sons’ Babel (Deluxe Version) w/ Screenprint [x]
I’m really excited for this so this is my other big spend for the month, I really hope the poster is worth the extra £20, although I may suggest going halves with Mr. Moon as he’s much bigger on CDs.

ASOS MILAN Leather Laser Cut Lace Up Shoes, £15, ASOS
I know I mentioned these in yesterday’s Tuesday Tabs but I’m really after a pair as my sister is visiting and flaunting her pair in my face. I seriously need to re-assess my shoe situation though, as well as my nail polish situation – sadly they’ve been left seriously neglected since I’ve been working all the time, I’m making a promise to myself to paint my nails tonight.

Fujifilm Instax Wide Film, this seller on eBay
Definitely need to get my hands on some instant film to give my new Fujifilm Instax camera it’s first trial run, as well as keep up with my first Instax camera, they’re the most awesome cameras, I hope the newest one works.

My rota has just come through and I’ve found out I get the whole of Sunday off, I’m so excited, I hope to have as nice a Sunday as I did last week, definitely calls for more precisely planned carbooting.

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