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Turkey #4
This time eight days ago, I was still in Turkey in the sun. Now the sun is peaking out in England and I think I’m getting used to not being on holiday anymore. We spent our last day lounging around the pool and doing some last minute gift shop shopping.

The day before our last day, we were to Içmeler, which is probably the nicest and most luxurious resorts near us. It’s much quieter and filled with the nicest hotels and restaurants.

We had lunch at a restaurant which was at the front of a hotel Moon stayed at when he visited Turkey with his family when he was younger. It was a great restaurant, and the hotel looked amazing.

Here’s a semi-peep at the bag that Moon bought me in Marmaris.

Shirt: H&M
Belt: H&M
Bag: Moda Accessories
Necklace: Gift
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins (I’m sad about it because it’s a bit big now)
Flip-flops: Fitflop

This is an awesome, unfinished hotel that’s on the taxiboat route between Turunç and Içmeler. Apparently the developer ran out of money and is hoping to raise some more to finish it, I hope they do as it’s the biggest waste.

These were amazing, I wish they did them in the UK, they’re like a weird ice-coffee hybrid and like nothing I’ve ever had before.

We somehow ended up getting enticed into a cocktail bar in the evening, despite just wanting to sleep. It ended up being quite good though, I lost a game of pool and there was a budgie sitting on the bar.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these photos and my ramblings, it’s been nice to share them again. I’m hoping to head into town in a bit and finally pick up the prints so I can start working on an album. It was a lovely holiday, but it’s back to normality for now.

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