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This is kind of a bad tourist thing to do right here, but for this trip, there is no way I could tell you which five bays we visited after we left Turunç. In fairness, it’s not really my fault, we were just told when to get on and off the boat, rather than where we actually were. This was the most fun day of the whole holiday because I spent a lot of it in the sea. I was really worried about getting burned and if I hadn’t have been, I probably would have been able to come back with a much sweeter tan, by looking at me now, you can hardly tell that I’ve been on holiday – I do have tanlines though, I swear.

This was another activity that they were promoting everywhere so if you were planning on heading to this part of Turkey, chances are you will be offered a similar thing. It’s really good though, for 30 Lira (about £12) we were out for the whole day swimming in the sea and we got a barbecue lunch, that was cooked on the boat!

This is one of my favourite photos from the whole holiday, everything is the right colour and lined up nicely ♥.

The sea was just the right temperature, plus it was pretty awesome to get in off a boat.

One of the bays was called The Pregnant Church, I don’t think we actually saw the building itself though, too preoccupied with floating around and watching a puppy have it’s first time in the sea.

By the time I mustered up the courage to actually jump off the boat, it happened to be the point where it was deepest. It was kind of exhilarating but I hope I’m not alone in saying that while the sea is fun, not even being able to see the bottom is not.

This is a wishing cave, although every tour we passed had a different name for it. In our case, apparently you throw in what you wish for.

The boat broke down on our way back to shore, meaning we were an hour late getting back. Not feeling up to the mediocre hotel food, we went in search of something more delicious and settled for the HAN Restaurant, which is five stars. Everyone gives themselves their own ratings on there, but I genuinely do think it lived up to that, the food and service were brilliant.

I just figured that I’d quickly show you this one, I didn’t wear makeup that often while we were out there because there were too many opportunities for swimming and because it was just too hot. Occasionally in the evenings I wore some but I kept all my makeup in the fridge, firstly to keep it from melting but secondly because I cannot describe how lovely it was to put on ice-cold foundation.

I’m acutely aware that perhaps, being a relatively new holiday resort, Turkey is hardly considered exotic, but there were times when we were out there that it was a little reminiscent of the Far-East, and really rather beautiful.

We got complimentary cheese rolls because our order was so delayed (it wasn’t).

I had the ‘Sultan’s Steak’, it was delicious.

King Charles is very good for summer and the sun, I’m so excited to see him at Reading ♥

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