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Fine day.

I had the nicest Sunday yesterday, filled with carbooting and taking in ‘local culture’, not to mention catching some sun. So much sun in fact, that Moon and I both ended up with a bit of sunburn, pretty shocking really considering we managed to evade it the whole time we were away. It was really good to spend some time together as we’ve been a bit ratty all week and I’ve been working evenings so we’ve hardly really seen each other.

We started off the day with a trip to Newbury Racecourse carboot, the last few times we’ve visited it’s been shocking but this time it was overflowing with knick-nacks. I only picked up a book at a few DVDs, but for once it was actually worth the £1 entry fee, plus I mainly go to look at all the weird things people are trying to sell.

Moon was pleased that we finally found a copy of ‘Armageddon’ as I’ve yet to see it, here’s hoping it works and isn’t a dud.

We spotted this beast as we were leaving the racecourse, there’s a lot going on with it to say the least.

I’m trying to get back into reading in a big way, although I’m not that far into ’50 Shades of Grey’ yet (I don’t think I’m too interested in the others at the moment), I don’t want to end up being stuck with nothing to read by the time I’ve finished it, so I’m planning ahead. I’ve already read this but so long ago that I think it deserves a re-read, I hope they show the stage adaptation at Vue.

Lunch was a bacon, egg and mushroom sandwich, so nomz! ♥

I spotted an ad for a carboot we’d seen advertised a few weeks ago but never investigated, as it was open until half 4, we decided to head over to Taplow and check it out. In hindsight, we definitely should get there earlier in future, even though we arrived with a few hours to spare, there were a lot of people packing up.

Apparently, driving barefoot is easier than driving in flip-flops.

Although there was a lot of furniture, no one had just the thing I’m currently looking for…

Sunglasses: Boots
Dress: Primark
Belt: (with a skirt) New Look
Bag: Alphabet Bags
Leggings: H&M
Flipflops: Fitflop

On our way back from Taplow Carboot, we stopped by the Newbury Waterways Festival. I was in my element and felt nostalgic for Malden Fortnight. The event was held on the Kennet & Avon canal as well as in adjacent Victoria Park. I’ve never seen so much homemade chutney and jam in one place, I’m also pleased to say I saw my first duck race too.

Who knew that this was a thing? Apparently it is though and it was kind of fun to hear and see the crowds get so into it.

I know this last one doesn’t fit in with the others but this was my only carboot find at Taplow, for £3, I’m excited to use it as it takes the same film as my other Fujifilm polaroid and it looks just as odd.

I think things like this are exactly what Sundays were made for. Today has been all about a bit of interview-prep and doing chores.

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