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Dalyan Tour.

Turkey #2

As I keep saying, we did really well to keep busy and on our second day we went on our first excursion. We booked this through our rep, but there were deals for the same outing everywhere we went. I think it’s a fairly touristy thing to do when in Turkey. The day consists of a trip to the famous Dalyan Turkish mud baths before lunch, then after a meal taking ‘the African queen’ river cruise on a natural fish farm to see the Tombs of Caunos and then heading to Turtle Beach to see some turtles eat crabs and hang out in the sea. Even though in hindsight we probably did pay more by booking it through our rep, the whole day only cost £30 each and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Although I was a little worried about the mud baths, it was actually a whole lot of fun and even though he was adamant he wouldn’t try it, I managed to get Moon in for a dip. Our biggest mistake was popping into the salt baths afterwards, they were kind of gross, and I know that’s weird to say considering I was literally wallowing in mud just half an hour previously.

We stopped off at the weirdest service station on the way, it was in an orange grove and sold off-the-tree orange juice as well as having a small lake full of terrapins and huge ducks.

Although it was kind of fun to be covered in mud, I can’t say that it made as much difference to my skin as I thought it would, it just felt amazing when I washed it off. When my friend went she swears she felt her hands were much less dry than usual so I don’t know whether it’s me or not.

The Tombs of Caunos
These tombs carved directly into the rock were pretty incredible, sadly they were all looted and we weren’t allowed to get any closer than the boat but it was really interesting to hear the history of them

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any much better snaps of the turtles as they were being fed, but they were pretty huge and it was awesome to see them in the wild.

They were feeding the turtles blue crabs, and we bought ourselves a couple of freshly caught ones for 10 lira and they were super-tasty.

Goats on Turtle Beach.

After heading back to the hotel using the horrible mountain road, we relaxed in the hotel for a bit before checking out the evening’s entertainment of ‘traditional’ Turkish dancing.

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