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CK One: Summer 2012

At the risk of going on about my holiday, I’m super excited about one of my most-recent purchases. I’ve shelled out on a summer perfume. I was actually kind of surprised to have already run out of my LaCoste Touch of Pink, as normally perfume lasts me a while, I guess I just loved it a lot.

Even though England is currently drizzly and as un-July as it can be, this summer edition of Calvin Klein’s CKOne has really helped to lift my spirits, as well as get me even more excited over my summer holiday at the end of the week. I already really like CKOne as an everyday perfume, it’s so light and refreshing I always find myself drawn to it and it’s simple design.

The Summer 2012 edition has many similar qualities, although with more fruity and citrusy tone, making it much fresher, exactly what I would expect from a a scent to take me into summer. Although the CKOne brand is unisex and therefore perhaps a less obvious choice, I’d urge you not to be put off, it’s long-lasting without being over-powering and smells amazing, it’s my favourite perfume I’ve owned in a while. I hope by the time I return the weather will stop being so miserable and I’ll have a perfume that smells like the season rather than reminding me of one I’ve left in Turkey.

I picked up my bottle of CKOne Summer 2012 on offer in Boots for just £22 and also got 500 bonus points, I’m not sure the offer is still on as it’s not coming up online but I think it would be worth popping in to you local store for a nosey as it’s across the whole Calvin Klein range.

I’d love to hear your summer scent recommendations, does it lift your mood to match your perfume to the seasons too?

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