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Brother, get in.

Here are a few snaps from the weekend, I don’t want to claim that it was a particularly interesting one, particularly as I was working on Saturday evening, but I feel a lot less stressed out thanks to it. Life can be a little weird sometimes, and it’s always made a little better by relaxing with the one you love.

I guess Saturday was very un-interesting, as we just went into town before going to the garden centre, very grown up. Moon was lovely enough to pick me up these pretty yellow flowers from the market though. I love Sunflowers, by the time we got them home I could have taken or left the other ones as many of them were wilted, they’re keeping well now though. It’s so nice to have flowers in the house ♥.

The pink lemonade is still going strong. I bought myself a lemon squeezer yesterday and am hoping to give real lemonade a go once this batch is finished.

As a full day off, Sunday had a lot more potential to be great, sadly, a lot of time was wasted and not enough research was done and I was unable to get my car boot fix this week. We were going to take Moon’s dad to Taplow, to the huge car boot we went to last week, but got halfway there before finding out that it wasn’t on thanks to the rowing. The Newbury Racecourse one probably would have done the job as it was a nice enough day but we were too far out and some how we ended up in Slough at the poorest excuse for a car boot ever. There wasn’t much way to make up for our poor organisational skills other than popping back to Newbury for a pub lunch and a walk along the canal. I’m sure there will be plenty of other opportunities anyway, the rain just needs to think about staying away like it’s supposed to.

It was still a lovely day though, rounded up with a trip to see The Dark Knight Rises, I’m still slightly reeling from how great it was. Free cinema tickets in cases like last night are the ultimate job perk, although I’d pay full-price over and over to see it again.

This was the nicest way to wake up. The flat was so quiet, Moon was actually next to me and she was lying with us. ♥
I think she does like us, even if she’d never admit it.

This photo reminds me of how annoyed we all were about not getting any car boot-action and just driving around that we just started laughing.

I’m pretty sure this demonstrates how unexaggerated my statement of the car boot we found being the worst one ever. I mean really, there was still hours before it was closing time, unacceptable.

We went to The Hog’s Head for lunch, which is a beautiful pub, with great music, but the food wasn’t that great.

New additions to the garden.

Doll explored next door’s garden, and I was so worried she was lost before discovering this. I guess I just have to get used to her being outside and going other places other than our garden, she’s probably been there plenty of times, I just didn’t know as I’ve been trying to watch her less.

It was a lot easier to tempt her out with treats than when she’s wandered off elsewhere.

Long needed some quick head shots done for work, and I happily obliged, despite his deceiving get-up.

Very important task of painting my nails before we went out.

Moon’s reaction to The Dark Knight Rises, ♥

Happy Monday, I hope things are going well. It’s so nice to relax a little more today.

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