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BRB, Turkey.

What a nice feeling that in just over six hours, I’ll be waiting for the plane to take me off to sunny Turkey. I’ve been quite tired today, but I’m still very excited, I love flying and travelling so I’m even looking forward to the airport part. I’ve never been to Turkey before, so I hope it’s nice, although anywhere has got to be better than UK is now, I just need some reliable sun.

Moon’s managed to keep my packing under control for once and we are well under our 20KG baggage allowance, I’m actually pretty spoilt for choice with the amount of clothes I’ve packed too. ♥

I figured I’d share this last-minute purchase with you, as I’m restricting my Internet access this week so blogging is likely to be off limits. We’re down in Dorking at Moon’s parents house while we wait around to head over to the airport, so we popped into town as Moon had left everything until this morning. I picked these up in the Fat Face sale, Fat Face isn’t normally a shop I would even look at but their sale is pretty great and filled with tribal prints. So I got this maxi-skirt as I figured it would be perfect for the holiday, and this loose-fitting vest to go with it. I’m sure there’ll be a photo of me wearing it while I’m away. I love the skirt, it’s such a light material and different from anything else I own, which is surprising as I have so many clothes. I did have to sacrifice a couple of items I’d already packed to put these in the suitcase but I think it’s worth it.

It’s been a while since I shared any nail art with you as I’m not allowed to have them painted for work, but here are my current nails. I’ve been really looking forward to having painted nails all week, I hope to try out a few different things but I love this colour combination and I only wanted something simple for the moment.
Base: Models Own: Top Turquoise, Rimmel – I ♥ Lasting Finish: Sunshine & Sweet as Sugar
Flowers: eBay Nail Art Pens
Top Coat: Rimmel Pro Superwear Ultra-Shine

Excuse the phone photos, but hopefully I’ll have lots of lovely things to tell you and share with you when I come back, I hope you have a great week. ♥

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