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Tuesday Tabs #23

Happy Tuesday! I’m feeling much more pumped and ready to start the day than I was yesterday, so I’m doing this and I’m going to get stuff done. I’m wondering whether it’s too soon to start thinking about changing some money over for my holiday and buying cute travel-sized products, I think I’ll be waiting until payday, but I’m getting more excited by the day!

This week I’ve been thinking about Android apps; loving map-print things and thinking about how I should get my hair cut.

Pug & Bulldog Cushions, £30, Urban Outfitters (1, 2)
These cushions are adorable, I don’t think they’d quite go with my cat cushions but that pugs face is too much.

Cat Nightlight, £75, White Rabbit England
I’ve really been taking note of Fab since they launched their UK site last week. It seems to be a bit more decor-orientated than it’s US counterpart, but I’m not complaining, they have some amazing stuff on there at the moment, including this cutie for a £20 off! White Rabbit is a children’s lifestyle interiors company set up by sisters, Charlotte and Victoria. Okay, so this lovely bone china lamp is for kids, but I love it, they also have rabbit, owl and dog lamps that are equally adorable. They have some amazing other products too all featuring their signature critters, from bedding to crockery, I’m in love.

Was anyone else excited by the Monsters Inc prequel teaser? Everything Pixar does (except for Cars) is the greatest.

Do They Half? Shorts, $49.99, Modcloth
My fat bum wishes there were less hot-pants around so I could actually get away with going bare-legged in shorts every now and then. Why do these pastel lovelies have to be so nice?

Mapped Crusader Leggings, $34.99, Modcloth
I think that Modcloth might have lowered their international shipping, which is nice as I was pretty surprised after seeing a post Charlotte did about ordering a necklace from there and it arriving in a larger than shoebox-sized package. This recent development has had me seriously umming and ahhing over these, they’re so good, I’d just be worried about them fitting so fingers crossed somewhere like ASOS will bring them over here to make for easier returns.

Map-print tee, £25, Tee & Cake for Topshop
I spotted this in-store and in terms of Topshop prices, Tee & Cake generally stick to being fairly good value and I love their designs. I just don’t know about spending that much on a t-shirt at the moment, even it it would be lovely and light to wear when I go away and would go great with my green maxi skirt, it’s a real thinker.

Atlas Bunting, £15.78, Gritty City Goods

This Bell Will Ring Necklace, £210, Rob Ryan for Tatty Devine
I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get enough of Rob Ryan’s ‘Bell’ series, everything in it makes me feel like everything is good in the world.

‘I Miss Being A Small Girl’ Silk Scarf, £105.17, Rob Ryan
I love the colours of this, they’re pretty patriotic. I do wear scarves quite often actually, especially when it gets to Autumn. I don’t want to wish the year away though, but I would definitely like this scarf.

This is my favourite song this week, after seeing Brian Wilson live I was put off The Beach Boys for a while, but then I remember to forgive a little and just enjoy them.

Link Love:

  • Fab UK — If you’re not familiar with Fab, they recently launched themselves in the UK after having Moon and I drooling over their US site for some time. The idea is to help you discover new designers, bringing exclusive daily deals. It’s such a simple but clever idea, I love it.
  • Caturday Tunic
  • Silverware I Come From Pin — This is so cute, but I never really know how to wear pins or when I do, I forget about them and they get ruined in the wash. 🙁
  • Kris Atomic’s iPhone Photo App review — I don’t have an iPhone but it was useful for looking for the Android equivalent on the Google Play store as I wouldn’t have known where to start. I’ve only just discovered her blog, but it’s full of lovely photos and illustrations and it might be my new favourites, her drawings are fantastic!

  • I hope to get Moon and I on a similar timetable soon, we are in need of a rug for the lounge. Do you have any fun Internet finds this week, I’m trying to keep away from my bubbling online shopping addiction, but it’s always nice to look isn’t it?

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