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Tuesday Tabs #22

Hello, Everyone!
I’m genuinely kind of sad about being such a lazy blogger recently, but I’ve been so busy with work and the weather has been so crappy that even when I haven’t been doing anything, I’ve just been snuggling up and eating (a lot), so I’m afraid I’ve not really had much to say. I have some nice things to show you this week though, and I want to get things back on track and re-assess things before I start work tomorrow evening.

Life is bloody hard, I have to start thinking about in-goings and outgoings, which was kind of horrible as I had to make a small stopover at the Bank of Mum, despite having a full-time job. I guess I understand why so many people are still living at home, it’s much easier. It’s not that I’m struggling, I’m just full of worry all the time, but I guess you can tell that that’s quietly my general disposition anyway.

My favourite Jenna Marbles moment, Kermit is one of the best dogs. ♥

Half Full/Half Empty Tote Bag, £8.50, Lazy Oaf
It’s been a little while since I’ve found myself on the Lazy Oaf website, not for any particular reason, I guess just because I haven’t had the time. While I have no need for any more tote bags, and am already the proud owner of another Lazy Oaf tote that I picked up at their Christmas pop-up shop, but I really love the design of this one. Basically I just really love Lazy Oaf.

Frenchie Dog Ring, £24, Lazy Oaf

Stig Lindberg – Swedish Tea Time A3 Print, £12.45, Re Style Shop
This would sit beautifully next to our Pie & Vinyl print, it’s so vibrant.

You And Me And The Cat Print, £24.41, Ashley G
I’m not sure if I’ve blogged about this before or not, but I adore this print from Ashley G, in fact, there are a few of her pieces that I’ve love to own. This would look lovely in our study, although as it’s a bit cat-centric I don’t think Moon would go for it. Maybe when we get a dog, he’ll go for the dog alternative.

Vintage Cat & Stripe Dress, £47.19, Rusty Cuts
This dress is too good (for obvious reasons), I don’t think I can handle it.

Lord Pug Necklace, £18, Cheap Frills
I haven’t bought any new jewellery in quite a long time. This is adorable and suits my general ‘I love Animals’-themed wardrobe ♥.

I’m on a major scout-out for a summer handbag. Although my mum has been lovely and picked me up one of my cousin’s handbags while she was over in Hong Kong, I’ve no idea when I’ll be home again yet so it’s currently a toss-up between these two. It’s so hard, I love the pink one’s shape but I like the colours of the other one. See how hard life can be?!
Left: River Island Fluro Messenger Bag, £25, ASOS
Right: ASOS Colour Block Nylon Hobo Bag, £35, ASOS

Link Love:

  • Andy Hope’s ‘Being Brave’ — Portrait series by photographer, Andy Hope documenting children going in for dental procedures at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.
  • Goodnight Little Spoon – Weekly List 17 — Goodnight Little Spoon is one of my favourite blogs for inspiration, it’s list-heaven! Bianca posts so many great lists, in so many forms, from things she’s done to things she wants to do. She’s also big on Keri Smith’s 100 Ideas and I love the way she interprets them.
  • Street-art from Austrian artist, Meersau — Sometimes I forget how good ‘good’ street art can be.
  • Emmerlie Jay’s ‘She Said’ Beauty Box Review — These seem like a more youthful alternative to Glossybox, and it’s slightly cheaper so may be worth a trial run.
  • Teal Vintage French Telephone — This is one of the nicest telephones I’ve ever seen, but we don’t need two telephones 🙁
  • How to Make Your Own Nail Polish in Any Colour — Nail varnish is definitely one thing that I don’t need extra, but this is a pretty simple tutorial to make your own custom colours using just eyeshadow, clear nail varnish and a toothpick.

  • Today is full of housework, accounts and cooking. I’m also jumping back on the ‘proper job hunt’ wagon as that’s another thing that’s been seriously neglected in the last few weeks. I’ve done the productive thing of moving my laptop back to the study so I’m going to try and keep it like that. Honestly, I was pretty happy with keeping it in here, but Moon gets lonely if I go ‘interneting’ in the evening, as he often just sits in front of the telly with his laptop, nuisance, it isn’t as though the flat is huge.

    Thanks for reading, I’m off to sort my life out.

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