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Tuesday Tabs #21

Op! It’s a two post kind of day. I’m super-sad after not being able to find a decent affordable phone whilst out in town earlier, hum. My steak was tasty though. I’ve not got much to share with you this week, as I’ve been so busy with work but here are a few things, just because it’s Tuesday. ♥

I’m a bit out of love with the fact that our kitchen is so white. Not just because the littlest amount of dirt shows up but mainly because it reminds me how little it looks like this.

Cuteness Dress, €60, The Petite Chouette

Yellow Leather Scallop Satchel, £69.25, French & English Confectioner’s
I’m in desperate want need of a new summer handbag, a shoulder bag that can carry my SLR, purse and phone (when I finally get around to getting one).

Part of a fun print campaign for Dove haircare.

I know this is a bit old now, but it’s nice, especially as my dislike for Usher grows the older he gets.

Link Love:

  • Jenni Sparks’ Hand-drawn Map of London — This is lovely, it makes me want to like London more, you can pick up A1 and A2 size prints over at Evermade.
  • What We Wore: Best Friends — I kind of love Elycia from Love Elycia and Kaylah from The Dainty Squid‘s friendship. This is an adorable post making their best friendom official with matching dinosaur necklaces and showcasing their rad fashion sense.
  • Ayanole’s Party Nail Art Ideas for Become Gorgeous — I’m so out of touch with this kind of stuff. I’m hoping I’ll be able to find a job that lets me paint my nails soon.
  • Maddie On Things — Sometimes I just love Tumblr, this is an amazing blog about a dog that likes to be on things, and in things.
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