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The Maccabees, Alexandra Palace.

‘Hi, how are you? What do you do? What do you listen to? Where do you go?
Are you with them? Are you with us? Who are your friends?

So I kind of think, unless that person was right at the front, looking at other people’s gig photos can tend to be a bit unfun, but I just to had to post about The Maccabees at Alexandra Palace on Friday night because they were simply incredible. I thought that the only thing that could have improved upon their performance when I saw them last time would have been being in the crowd rather than being made to sit down, because they were pretty perfect, but no, they raised the bar yet again, with this being easily the best I’ve ever seen them live.

I can barely put into words how incredible they were, I was basically borderline hysterical for about 80% of the gig. They played an even better put together set with the perfect combination of new and old, even with the jumping chino-wankers on board the ‘banter bus’, it was awesome. I may or may not (but actually basically did), have nearly cried at the end of their last song.

We were caught in some terrible traffic on the way there, but managed to arrive at the venue with enough time to catch the second half of Baxter Dury.
Alexandra Palace is a beautiful venue, in a wonderful setting overlooking all of London. The light set-up also added to the electric atmosphere and I might go as far to say it was almost Coldplay-esque. You can take a look at some more official photos on The Maccabees’ Tumblr. I’d definitely say my favourite moment was their Motown version of ‘About Your Dress’ so many ‘shoo waps’, it was an awesome mid-point and a perfect sideline to make up for the fact that Orlando messed up a tiny bit of Latchmere. Click through to the best video I could find, which is surprising because there were far too many people not living in the moment and videoing the entire thing.

I’d love to pop up to Alexandra Palace on a warm day, it’d be so nice to hang out and bring a picnic.

The second headliner was British Sea Power, who we saw a few years ago at Guilfest. They were as good as I can remember but I must say that I don’t know much about them. They certainly know how to get the party going though and their last song really lifted the room, how could it not?
They had a bear!

British Sea Power’s Bear.

Despite the horrid traffic at the beginning of the evening, it was pretty great to not have to worry about public transport at the end of the night, and parking was pretty decent anyway.
Due to becoming an old woman, it was lovely to experience such a well-organised venue, with plenty of room despite being packed and enough doors to get out quickly at the end. It was such a great gig, I can’t wait to see the guys again soon.

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