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Tall Things.

So, this is a post about what I wore this morning to the car boot, I could have worn it forever, it was so comfy, but sadly work called and it was uniform-time come 1 o’clock.

As the weather has been so terrible lately is was actually brilliant to be able to get my toes out and I opted for my super-comfy New Look sandals that I picked up when we were in Exeter a couple of weeks ago. They also added a bit of height to this maxi skirt, which I guess I kind of needed given that I’m only 5’3″. I love this skirt, especially the colour. After it’s first wear, I was little unsure, but I really like it as part of this outfit. Definitely a game changer, and this skirt will so be joining me on my summer holiday (in just 3 weeks!). Did I mention Moon and I have booked to go to Turkey, and after seeing a friend’s recent photos from her visit there, I’m so excited!

Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Cat-print Blouse: Primark
Belt: H&M
Bag: AHA Brighton
Skirt: Primark
Sandals: New Look
As I was let out early from work yesterday and I had evening plans – seeing Prometheus and having a few drinks – I was able to paint my nails without being too sad that I had to then take it off today. I love this colour combination ♥.

Base: 520 At Ease Rimmel 60 Seconds
Spots: Top Turquoise Models Own & Nail Art Pen

I’m fairly sure that the main reason I like car boots is because of the dogs, there are so many lovely dogs! ♥

In all honesty, it was pretty slim pickings but it was a way to kill an hour this morning, and it is just behind our house. Hopefully we’ll eventually go and it will be really busy. Although we did get a few plants for the garden, including a pumpkin plant ♥.

I just would really like it if it would hurry up and be Summer already, it is the middle of June after all.

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