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Never enough time for a duvet day.

…says the girl who only rolled out of bed at quarter to 12 this morning. I do genuinely feel a lack of relaxation in my life though, hopefully I will have some friendlier hours this week and I can spend less time thinking about being in bed. I’m only making this a quick one to share some snaps from Saturday, when it was a bit nicer than it is now, who would have thought these were taken just three days ago and that it’s supposed to be June! As a British person, it’s definitely instilled in me to complain about the weather but I have found that I do it a ridiculous amount on here, so I’ll just say that the weather was adequate on Saturday and leave it at that.

Doll has been behaving particularly strangely over the last few days. I wonder if it’s her hormones settling down, but she was sat watching us eat, how a dog perhaps would, and even ate a plain piece of bread. She’s been super affectionate too, which I love, but love less at 5am.
Aside from being super tired all the time, I’ve got to pop out and pick myself up a new phone later as I lost mine between the car and the flat on Friday night and some lamo has picked it up and rather than be decent and bring it back has decided to keep it. I’m also having steak tonight, and catching up on some much needed tidying and the latest episode of Girls (my creys that it’s the season finale next week!). For what was left of this morning – and for most of this afternoon – I’ve been preparing for an interview I have on Thursday and taking some poorly designed online assessments for the one recruitment agency in Newbury that I’m not signed up with.

Saturday was a nice day because Moon was finally able to get some well-deserved rest after a stressful couple of weeks and a fun night out seeing The Maccabees the night before. He made me breakfast, then we did some gardening before heading up the town. I know it doesn’t sound that interesting but we’ve barely had any time to do anything like that in between having people to visit and rushing off elsewhere, so although I was working in the evening, it was pretty great to spend part of the weekend by ourselves.

My 99p Store tomato plants are thriving and Saturday was the day to pot them up outside. I haven’t checked on them just yet and I hope they’re alright, but I’m pretty pleased that I’ve been able to make something grow, and grow so well too!

We picked up this strawberry plant while it was still just flowering and potted it up at home. I’m so excited that some actual strawberries are coming through. I hope they’re tasty.

We’re also growing beans, raddishes, globe carrots and purple spring onions, but none of them are quite through yet. By the looks of things we also might have a slug/snail problem which needs to be sorted pronto.

So this is our garden, it was much better with trees but I quite like it.

We’ve been taking Dolly out on a lead, I don’t want to let her out properly until she’s all grown back from her operation and generally I’m just a bit weary of letting her out unsupervised anyway. She seems to have taken to the lead well though, even if it does frustrate her a bit when she’s trying to hunt birds.. and flies.

Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Dress: Yumi
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Converse
I hate these tights, they never stay in the right place but I like the colour too much to get rid of them.

I came back from town with flowers and this dress from Peacocks. The Peacocks in Newbury has just opened up again after being closed down for ages, the selection isn’t great and I only popped in to look for tights, which they didn’t even have. This dress is awesome though, it’s a lovely length and fit, I was a bit stressed out that it was so crinkled though, despite being brand new, not something I’m used to when buying something new from a shop. I know I have enough animal-print things, but the colour and everything else about it, not to mention the friendly £18 price tag were too much to resist.

I hope to plant this out when the weather’s nicer again. I got it half-price in Wilkinsons, it will be so nice for the bees.

I picked up these from a market stall and they’re still going strong. Daisies are one of my favourite flowers ♥

The last thing I bought on Saturday was a frame for our Pie & Vinyl print, which after much (unnecessary) stressin’, Moon framed and hung on the wall. I think the brown makes a welcome change from all the black frames we have around the house and goes so well with the print, I love it, it was definitely worth the extra money.

Anyway, it’s time for lunch before being over-sold to by Phone Shop people…

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