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I’ve actually no idea how it’s the evening already, I’ve totally wasted today’s day off, and it isn’t as though I got up late or anything. At least I’ve done some hoovering and the laundry, as well as taking the cat for a walk – productive enough for me. I had a meeting at work earlier, I’m always a bit on edge when I have pop out places for short amounts of time, the meeting’s wasn’t a big deal, it was just because it was all the way over there and I’m all the way over here. Aside from chores, I also spent a lot of today browsing the ASOS sale, some incredible bargains to be snapped up!

This weekend, Moon and I saw in our six year anniversary, which is mental! We’ve been together for six whole years, I don’t even know where all that time has gone. We’ve accomplished so much together and been through so much. We’ve definitely grown up, but sometimes I get a glimpse of the goofy 17 year-old who sent me a text asking me to be his girlfriend and I just feel lucky.

We’re in the best place we’ve ever been, and we’re basically grown ups now, co-habiting and everything – I know we did before, but now we’re on our own (with a cat!).

I had Friday night off so went to the cinema (lolz), to see Chernobyl Diaries. We definitely should have stuck with romancing it up and watched Five Year Engagement instead because at least that might have been good. I can’t even find anything decent to say about Chernobyl Diaries other than the location was great and they didn’t even use that properly. I like horror films too, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t remember the last time I saw a good one, they all seem to be either improvised and/or reality-style. Feeling thoroughly disappointed and bouncing off each others criticisms we drove around searching for somewhere to eat and ended up at this amazing little gasto-pub in Donnington, just outside of Newbury, called Harry’s Bar & Kitchen. I don’t even want to think about the calories I consumed, but the food was amazing and the staff were incredibly attentive.

I thought this was a nice touch, even it was only tab water, it was much nicer presentation than a jug.

This is what I mean about calories! Deep-friend brie, it was incredible though. I was so hungry by my main course than I didn’t snap it, but I had stuffed aubergine with rice *nomz* ♥

This is what I had for pudding but it was just too sweet for me so I swapped it for Moon’s sticky toffee pudding. I think it was called a parfait.

Some of this afternoon was spent letting Dolly out in the garden without a lead, it was nerve-racking but okay. Her fur is still not grown back from her operation and I don’t think I’ll even think about letting her out unsupervised until then.

I hope that parts of this post weren’t as soppy as they seem to me. <3

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