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Tuesday Tabs #18

Only a couple of hours before I have to leave for work, and the whole flat needs a clean, it’s doable, I’m just so hungry right now. Everything is going quite well at the moment, I’m feeling like I’m settling into things, although I made a silly mistake regarding my other job yesterday which will hopefully easily fixed come Friday.

Some news regarding Little Cat, she is officially completely better following her adventure and she’s not pregnant! She was but now isn’t, something I am pleased about. I would jump at the chance to look after newborn kittens, but it’s just not the right time and she’s still a baby, I think it’s much safer to wait a few more months before making that kind of decision, plus she’s not going out again for a very long time.

I’ve not been up to much in terms of online activity as most of last week consisted of working, complaining about how much my feet hurt and then going to bed before doing the same thing again. I don’t mind, it’s just is a bit of a shame that I can’t indulge this kind of activity as much. This is just one of two real downsides to this job so far, the other being that I’m not allowed to paint my nails; normally I would just paint them in between but because of the scheduling it’s not really worth it, but it still makes me sad.

Yellow Kite Print Day Dress, £36, H! by Henry Holland for Debenhams
This was recently featured as part of Project 10, but I must say I didn’t take as much notice of it as I did when I spotted it in-store yesterday. I think this photo doesn’t nearly do it justice and it’s much nicer in real life, it also differs quite a lot from other Henry Holland designs and just seems more whimsical than usual, it would be great for a summer walk.

A fun and silly animation, the end made me crack up, so I had to share ♥

Yet another Rob Ryan item that I’d love to have in my home. I spotted them on a one of his recent blog posts and I don’t think they’re even available in his shop yet. I have a feeling that they’ll be a bit pricey but I don’t see Rob Ryan as ever really being unaffordable so I hope to snap them up.

This is very good, I’m a bit sad that I was working and not able to catch the full show. Will Smith is very high on my list of favourite people.

iPhone 4 Case, £11.01, On Your Case
I’m not that bothered about iPhones, but this is such a pretty case. I can’t wait to pack in my Blackberry for something more trendy.

Puppy-Kitty-Love Tote, £11.67, Leah Goren

From the series, ‘Typography Jokes’ by Gary Nicholson

Link Love:

  • Lovely Lists from Goodnight Little Spoon — As a listmaker myself, I love this list of different lists.
  • 9 Lives by Twenty-Seven Names — So many pretty prints and cuts from New Zealand-based company Twenty-Seven Names blogged about on Style Paws. It’s not the only nice collection they have but this one includes cats so it’s an obvious choice.
  • A Thrifty Mrs’ eBay Amnesty — Another great list including some of A Thrifty Mrs’ favourite eBay stops for all sorts of different requirements.

  • A bit shorter than usual but I kind of like it. Now it’s time for some lunch, and to sort out the flat, just under an hour and a half to go, I’d better get it together.

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