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Tuesday Tabs #17

What an eventful week it’s been so far, and it’s only the end of Tuesday. I started my second job today, so I’m properly knackered, my poor feet! It’s funny how I was at home for 9 months and never had one proper job, yet I have been here for less than a month and now I have two jobs, in that respect it was definitely a good choice moving here.

I took Doll to the vet after work today and she’s okay, just suffering a bit from not eating or drinking properly for a whole weekend. She’s been given some antibiotics so I’m hopeful I’ll have my bouncy kitty back in a few days.

I’m super sleepy, but here are some things I’ve found in the last week.

Passport cushion, £69, Dwell

ASOS Alibi Suede Chelsea Ankle Boot, £50, ASOS
I’m is such dire need of new boots, my poor River Island ones are no longer smart, I have my eye on a few that I’m hoping will crop up in the sale.

Jeffrey Campbell Black & Tan Cowboy Shoes, £75, Urban Outfitters
Sorry I’m a bit shoe-mad this week, I was on the hunt for some smart ones and I got a bit distracted. Aren’t these Jeffrey Campbell shoes a dream?

Payton Table Lamp, £40, John Lewis
A side lamp is one of the last things we actually need for the house, as our living room has three lights and one is much cheaper. This one is so cute, I would hope that with the right lightbulb it would light up the room properly but I’m unsure. It would look so nice on our bookshelf.

Sign Language Tote Bag, £16.01, Lilli Mandrill

Paper Doll Cushion, £42, Chocolate Creative
These are so awesome.

Personalised ‘Happy Birthday’ Card, £2.90, Laura Skillbeck
This is such an adorable card, but no ones birthday is coming up soon. 🙁

Aqua Green Hi-Top Blazer Nike Trainers, £66.99, Office

This is my favourite song this week.

Link Love:

  • Holly Exley’s Ode to the Internet — A neat list of nice things that illustrator, Holly Exley likes to look at when she spends time on the Internet.
  • Mint lace collar blouse from Lavish Alice — I love things with nice collars right now and this one is one of my favourites so far, it’s also a fairly reasonable price and in one of my favourite colours.
  • CMYK Embroidery from Evelin Kasikov — I love this idea, I wish I had the patience, they’d make such a good piece of wall art.
  • Exploded Flowers Series by Fong Qi Wei — Amazing yet simple series.
  • Vogue charts the Rainbow Queen — I definitely appreciate this from a picture editing perspective, who knew the Queen was such a colourful lady.
  • Never Seconds — A funny yet bleak blog by a primary school child documenting his school dinners.

  • I suppose a part of me is sorry about all the shoes, but I’m proud that I’ve yet to by any, aside from work ones. I hope you have a good week, mine promises to be a busy one, I must make sure that I find time to update my CV in between working all the time. Thanks for the kind comments about Dolly ♥

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