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Tuesday Tabs #15

Time to de-clutter my tabs bar once more, a much more productive way to wait for paint to dry.

Currently I think I need at least a 28 hour day, that would be good, I can’t seem to fit everything in. Doll is settling in almost too well, and although she was being – weirdly – affectionate when I returned from an interview this afternoon, I didn’t appreciate her loud wailing outside our bedroom door at 5 o’clock this morning, so our visitors are probably in for a treat when they stay at the weekend…

I’m not sure how much I want to talk about job hunting today, I’ll just say it’s steady and leave it at that. I can’t get any more fed up with it than I am already. Let’s just get started, shall we?

Due to all the stress, I kind of failed April’s Photo A Day challenge, so I’m going to try and start again with this months, again from Fat Mum Slim. I might only post it once a week though rather than every day. I didn’t like how cluttered it made my blog look if I posted something else. #ocd

I don’t know what Ikea think they’re playing at by being this awesome but how good is this? Following the previous week’s announcement about their new TV units, I was already pleasantly surprised, but this is too up my street. Ikea are doing all kinds of exciting things at the moment and KNÄPPA is one of them, would love to know when it will be released so I can try one out.

Make A Run For It Skirt, $188.99, Modcloth
I have too many printed animal items of clothing, but this skirt is perfect, and the colour is lovely, definitely in need of more orange in my wardrobe.

Wombat Hug Brooch, $AUS35, Made By White
Wombats are wicked, easily my favourite Australian animal and I don’t actually have that many brooches, let alone any wooden ones.

Interview with The Maccabees for Swiss TV Show ‘POPBAR’. They say some good things, like how it’s silly to cover The Beatles.

How many great movies are coming out in the next few months?! I’m a big one for trying to avoid full-trailers if possible, especially if I’ve already heard good press about a film or know who’s going to be in it. However, I’m a little obsessed by this viral trailer for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, everyone needs to at least watch this trailer, but the film itself, judging from it’s official trailer, just looks generally epic.

‘LOL I’m just kitten’ t-shirt, $28, Burger and Friends

Hand screen-printed Dala horse, Seventy Tree
Ever so slightly gutted that this piece is now no longer available. ;(

Rob Ryan’s Bells vase, £35, John Lewis
I’m obsessed with Rob Ryan’s ‘Bells’ series at the moment, it just makes me feel so warm because the words are so beautifully put. I’m also lusting after the plates, but as I wouldn’t want to eat off of them and have no where to display them, I’m mainly eyeing up this vase, especially since seeing it on display in the local John Lewis, perf. ♥

Link Love:

  • Camera Bag Round-up from A Beautiful Mess — I’m currently waiting on a new bag, but a huge, and I mean huge part of me wishes I had the will-power to save up for a great-quality, pretty camera bag like the ones talked about here. It’s a really strong well-rounded overview too, talking a bit more about what else is on offer other than Jo Totes. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Jo Totes, I’d just never considered there were other similar brands.
  • Perfectly-timed Animal Pictures
  • Per Johansen’s Mæt (Full) — Wonderfully, grotesque still life images from Danish photographer Per Johansen.
  • Make a teddybear from a sock — This is a super-cute craft idea, definitely on my to-do list once I get the never-ending list of everything else out of the way.
  • Create Your Own Fabric Patterns — Amazing!
  • It Looks Hard But Isn’t: 15 Dishes to Impress Your Guests — Don’t think I’m quite ready to impress people with my cooking just yet, but living in your own (non-student) home does bring about a certain notion of ‘entertaining’ rather than the more manageable ‘drinking’. I like cooking anyway, so if nothing else these are some good ideas to test out on Moon at least.

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