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The Saga of Little Doll.

I would have updated sooner, but given that this is mainly a personal blog, I don’t think it would have felt right carrying on as normal when everything over the last few days has been so up in the air. I’m so distracted today, I can’t seem to keep an eye on just one thing. I’m so glad I’m working tomorrow just so I can concentrate really.

Anyway, if you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you may already know this, but on Friday, after letting Doll out, she ran away and basically, didn’t come back. The horrible little animal had me agonising over the whole situation with my heart just feeling broken. She was my little cat and my responsibility and my mum had told me to look after her and I knew her going missing would make everyone super upset, I just felt like the whole thing was my fault.

Moon was the most amazing boyfriend ever, and searched up and down the whole neighbourhood for her, sadly with no success, I think he definitely cares for her a lot more than he would like to admit. On Saturday morning, after no sleep, I rang around all the vets, and Cats Protection and put out an alert for her. The Internet is a stupid place to go if anything bad happens to you, all ‘advice’ pointed to her never returning, although Twitter was amazing at getting the word out. After speaking to a lovely lady at the RSPCA, I was ready to make a rather gruesome phone call to roadside services come this morning. We went out a few more times and put little fliers with her picture through people’s letterboxes and put up posters but there wasn’t much else we could do but wait, which is a lot worse, I think.

I tried to take my mind off things, although Moon still believed that she would return, I genuinely didn’t feel as though she would come back to us, and certainly not just by bounding across the lawn, ready to be fed. We had quite a good weekend all things aside, we went to a tiny vintage market, and Newbury Racecourse carboot sale. She was always at the back of my mind, but I had to get into the right state to begin my first shift at Vue – which went very well by the way. So anyway, after my shift ended, because it was 10pm, Moon came to meet me and we were still nattering away about her, Moon even mentioned that some decent human being had torn down one of the posters we’d put up. We were in the door all of two seconds when the doorbell rings and a lady’s standing there. She asks if our cat is still missing, and we say, ‘yes’, and she says, ‘I think it’s in my garden with another cat, it doesn’t sound very happy’. So off I went with this lady, just a few houses down and off ran whichever cat Doll was talking do and there she was. Amazingly – considering her nonchalant personality – she recognised me straight away and came running over as soon as I called her. I scooped her up with no problem, thanked the lady a million times and went back down to our house cradling a very dirty little cat. It’s quite amazing really, we gave her a quick bath and she was very quiet, not chirping away to us in her usual way.

She’s clearly very shaken by her recent adventure, and I’m kind of pleased she’s ended up feeling as exhausted over the situation as we were. She’s done nothing but sleep nearly all day, which I read is something that often happens. She’s hardly eaten yet but I’m hoping she’ll be back to her normal, naughty self in a few days.

So there you have it, I’ve got quite a big backlog to share with you over the next few days so stay tuned, but like I said, all I really want to do today is make sure Doll is alright. What I should have done was work on my CV and clean the house but I’ve not really done 10% of either.

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