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May Glossybox

Things have been plodding along in the last few days, nothing that exciting has happened though. We had Long and Chris over for Eurovision, and it was nice to see them, but Moon was ill, and still is, so it may or may not have put a slight dampener on the occasion. I was in full-on support of the Jedwards, judge me if you will, I didn’t think the UK would do that badly but I didn’t have the highest hopes as the song was just dull, I cannot fathom how Sweden won though.

I’ve been able to enjoy a bit of sun this weekend which has been nice, perhaps powering through and getting paid would have been a wiser decision but it’s been so quiet.

Anyway, lets get down to this, as April’s Glossybox was such a latecomer for me and I wanted to give it a thorough test, it really doesn’t seem like it was time for another Glossybox just yet but the year is passing by so fast, so I guess I’m wrong.

Overall, I’m once again impressed with this month’s box, I think I’ve only had one box so far that I was a bit unhappy with and that wasn’t down to lack of quality products, but mainly due to the fact I was too young for most of them. To celebrate their first birthday, the lovely ladies at Glossybox also included a pink balloon and compact mirror, which was a lovely touch, although if I’d won a golden ticket that would have been cool too.

Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel, Noble Isle
Just as I was running out of last month’s Sandalwood shower gel, I can always count on Glossybox. This shower gel is beautiful, the scent matches it’s name exactly, it just feels so summery. It even includes antioxidants from gooseberries, which surprised me due to the orange colour, it’s always nice to have a little luxury with this kind of product. I’m also very pleased with it’s travel-size as it will come in very useful when Moon and I finally decide where we’re taking our summer holiday – any suggestions welcome, all we know we want is a beach and a bit of culture.

L’Eau en Blanc & Si Lolita, Lolita Lempicka – Full size: £63-65
These were probably my least favourites out of the box, although I’m glad we’re back to easy applicators, unlike last month’s horrid Kai sample. The white sample (L’Eau en Blanc) reminded me a bit of my Gran and would probably be a nice fragrance for her, but it’s far too floral for me. I did slightly prefer the Si Lolita sample, but it’s still not something I would choose if I was sampling it to buy. I’m sure I can use them both up as it gives my Touch of Pink a bit of a rest.

Smoothing Night Care Face Cream in Wildrose, Weleda – Full size: From £10.95
I’m really not a fan of rose scented things at all, I don’t know why, I’m just not, however, due to the success of last month’s face product, I figured that it couldn’t do any harm trying this out. Despite the smell, which isn’t as rosey as it could have been (which is a positive in my book), it applies easily and is very light-weight which is nice, especially for an overnight product. I don’t think I’ll rush out and buy the full-size product, mainly because it’s a bit pricey for me, but sometimes it’s nice to make a few small changes.

All-in-One Hair Treatment, Uniqone – Full size: £13.99
My hair is naturally really dry, which I think is thanks to dying it so much when I was a bit younger (so, thanks, Past Me), so for the last couple of years I’ve always used a heat-treatment on it, not just because of the dryness, but also because of it’s style and length, I can’t really get away with not blowdrying it, unless I want to look like this. I usually use Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner mainly because it smells amazing but also because it’s really light-weight and doesn’t make my hair greasy. I haven’t had a good hair day since starting my new job, so I thought I’d treat myself with this, and I must say that today, my hair is looking pretty good, I do have a few criticisms though. Despite being a spray application like the Aussie product I usually use, this product comes out quite thick, which is weird, although it’s fine with a brush-through the Aussie product usually just needs me to run my fingers through. My second criticism is that although generally my hair is fine today, straight after blow-drying it did feel quite weighed down, as though there was loads of product in it, God knows what happened to it because like I said, I’m fine now, but I didn’t particularly like that. It’s nice for a treat and there’s no question that it works, but I’m not sure yet if I could get away with using it every other day and given the price tag in comparison to the size of my usual I don’t think I’d be willing to get the full-size version.

Temptress, Let’s Go Lashes – £8.95
Like Charlotte, I’m unsure as to who the idea of these lashes being 100% human hair is meant to appeal to because I see it as a bit odd. I don’t use fake eyelashes often, but I do occasionally so I am willing to give these a go. I kind of like the fakeness of fake eyelashes though and personally don’t think these are even half as nice as a set of synthetic ones I already have. Also, what kind of hair is it, are there people donating their eyelashes? Vom.

I hope that I haven’t come across as too negative, because I genuinely am really happy with this month’s box, it’s varied and has allowed me to make a few small, even if short-lived, changes to my current routine and it’s nice to mix things up every now and then. Happy Birthday, Glossybox, keep up the amazing work!

Here is what Dolly thought of Glossybox’s balloon, I’m fairly certain it’s the first time she would have seen one, sadly I missed the moment when she sat on it and popped it but she was certainly intrigued.

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