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Innocent Eating.

A sleepy but much better little cat ♥
I have been meaning to post this for around a week now. I haven’t got around to it because other things, like work and losing the cat, have got in the way. Now that I’m feeling slightly more stable, it’s time to get back to things like this rather than lounging around.

So anyway, I’ve seriously been connecting with my inner domestic goddess lately and I’ve been pretty, damn cracking at it too. I’ve made some amazing food recently, apart from the fish cakes I made a couple of nights ago, won’t be trusting that one again, thanks a lot, Sainsbury’s. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve had a lot of help from Innocent’s latest cook book, ‘Hungry?’, it’s actually one of the first cookery books in ages that I’ve seen to have uncomplicated, easy-to-follow recipes, as well as having the neat quirks that come with other Innocent products, adding an edge to the book against other cook book. It even includes pieces on ‘How to Make Popcorn Last a Whole Movie’, something we might put to work as some kind of drinking game, being the post-students that we are. It is a family cook books, so a lot of it is about how to feed your kids healthily, obviously Moon and I don’t have kids, but it’s still been fun to take recipes and pick up things in the supermarket that we might not usually buy.

We have improvised a bit, but I think that it’s for the better. Unfortunately neither of us will ever be fans of butternut squash and Innocent love it. We’ve just swapped it for sweet potato though, which Moon regards as superior to the run-of-the-mill potato (which is simply not true), and although that may mean that it’s not identical, we haven’t come into a problem yet as, and (I could be seriously wrong), the texture is still fairly consistent.

Something I’m most proud of and can’t wait to make again is Innocent’s chicken, bacon and leek pie, we had to put off our American Pie:Reunion cinema date due to cooking it last minute and it being something that takes a while, but if you’re not in a hurry, it’s perfect, and if you are in a hurry, it’s leftovers are just the trick.

Chicken, bacon & leek pie.

Perfect nomz. ♥

I don’t intend for this to be a review at all, I’m mainly just showing some appreciation for food, and how easy the recipes in this book are. I don’t think it’s just for families either, because yeah, it’s pro-healthy eating but everything is affordable so I think it would be great for students too, particularly if they’re away from home and have never cooked for themselves before.

Bananas and honey on toast.

Home-made tortilla chips.
Amazingly simple, just cut up some flour tortilla wraps of your choice, drizzle with olive oil and pop in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

We had ours with chilli and sour cream to make them more of a meal rather than a movie snack.

Not technically any kind of cooking but so delicious, and the first of it’s kind that I’ve seen in an English supermarket. Our local Sainsbury’s is a goldmine for the unusual, and as it should be really, being the size of a small aircraft hangar.

Has anyone else noticed the lovely re-branding of Tesco’s Value range? It’s so pretty and cheap, so two of my favourite things. I’m a sucker for nice packaging, and I think this was definitely a step in the right direction for them.

Eggs in reverse order of size.

Raspberry sponge cake with raspberry jam filling and lemon butter cream.

Passion fruit cheat’s crème brûlée.
A Sainsbury’s offering which I think needs another go. The recipe called for making caramel in a saucepan and drizzling on top, which made for weird eating as the caramel hardened on top instantly. The custard part was nice though, so I think next time we’ll just sprinkle sugar on top and put under the grill as per standard crème brûlée.

Have you done any fun cooking recently?
It’s quite nice to have things back to normal again, as well as have a job, even if it’s not the job.

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