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Tiny Changes.

I’m so, so glad that the weather has decided to kind of start to clear up, all that gloom and drizzle was a major downer. I haven’t felt so productive on a Monday in a while, and there’s still so much to get done, I’m putting it down to the lovely sunlight that beamed through my bedroom window this morning, thank you, Sun. I figured I’d take a pitstop here and share some of the new additions we’ve made to the flat over the weekend, some more living and breathing than others.

Maybe today’s productivity is an overflow from all the crazy running around we did at the weekend, felt like we didn’t have two seconds to ourselves. If we weren’t in the car driving somewhere, we were thinking about how to pack something, it doesn’t really make for a relaxed life.

Briefly walking around Dorking on Saturday morning (before 11 o’clock!), and stopping in at my current favourite, Feather & Fern, I thought I’d give Dorking’s flagship vintage shop, Shrewd, a quick nosey. Shrewd has changed a lot since it first opened up and has relocated to a much brighter, more spacious location. It has a similar feel to the upstairs of Snooper’s in Brighton and I like it. Despite my current clothes-fast, I still really liked going through all the lovely one-off pieces they have to offer.

With yet more drizzle after lunch, Moon and I went over to Guildford to pick up Chris and Calvert before going over to Ikea. However, due to a badly-timed look around the shops to kill time, we (Moon) ended up picking up an armchair, something we’ve (any visitors) have been in need of. We got it from Sabichi, and it was half-price as it was a display model, but still in as-new condition, although Moon did break it in transit when we headed back to drop it off at my Gran’s before heading back to Guildford, second time lucky, to get Chris and Calvert. After nearly two hours in Ikea and being one small sofa-bed up, poor old Chris and Calvert ended up being shoved in the boot of the car. It was a good job we did drop off the chair before, but it was still a pretty stupid idea.

After picking up Doll from ‘home-home’, loaded up with more cat food than I’ve ever seen in my life (thanks, Mum!), we brought a pretty stressed-out and sad kitty back to Newbury with us. To be fair though, if someone put you in a cage, bunged you in a car and didn’t tell you where they were taking you, you’d probably be a bit anxious too. Despite that, Doll seems happy to have our flat as her new home and readily spread herself out on our bed, she’s currently curled up at my feet ♥.

About two hours after we got home…

SOLSTA, £89, Ikea
The stressful sofa-bed; home of my cat cushions and sunshine-coloured knitted throw (also Ikea).

This room still feels half-empty to me, I’m trying to make the most of it as an office space and have spent a few hours in here this afternoon but I think it needs a little something extra.

We’ve swapped chests, I’m quite happy about this as I put work into painting my one.

The current state of the living room with red leather armchair in-tow. Keep an eye out for that box, it’s my next adventure into painting.

I think that now, minus a microwave, we have all the furniture we need, once we have a weekend that isn’t spent running around, we’ll be able to enjoy the work that’s gone into making this place our own.

Fitting in with the staying productive, I’ve made a little list of future posts, and I hope to post a bit more than usual this week. I hope you’re having a great start to the week and that your weekend wasn’t quite so frantic.

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