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Photo A Day April: Day 04

Day 04 — Someone who makes you happy

I was going to cop out on this one and use an old photo, but there was still enough time in the day left to force Dolly to pose for me. She’s still a one, and she made me very happy today as it’s the first time she’s been out on her own and she came right back and meowed at the door to be let back in. It just makes me so glad because it means she likes us and being here, even if it is the food, I don’t mind, she came back and that’s the point. Even though she is naughty and a nuisance sometimes, she’s so cute and has a tendency to be lovely if you catch her of-guard, she’d make a terrible person but look at her lovely face! ♥

If I could I’d put a photo of our future-landlord here I so would. It sounds like we’ve got the flat we wanted, and that’s pretty darn swell.

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