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So this wasn’t the most rock-n-roll weekend ever had by anyone, nor was it the most relaxed. I feel like so much has been done, it’s weird to know that this time next week I’ll probably be internetless sitting in my new home – how that’s going to affect the job hunt, is anyone’s guess.

After an abysmal quiz night on Thursday where we totally aced the first two rounds – getting 19/20 and 17/17 – we bombed and lost, the weekend began on a much more positive note, putting aside the fact that I am feeling an incredible amount of anxiety over what the next few months holds (it’s all in the hands of job-givers rather than myself, unfortunately).

The sky looked mean but pretty at New Malden train station when I left on Thursday evening.

This is what I’ve enjoyed listening to these last few days, he’s firmly growing on me and even though I can’t handle his hair, I’m super looking forward to his album. I’m also really excited about Paloma Faith’s comeback because she’s wonderful.

And this is a song that I can’t escape and can’t figure out if I enjoy.

To continue, the weekend began with a few sweet finds, and basically continued thusly until now, and even up until I started writing I’ve been sorting through things.

This is a tea-light holder I bought my aunt a couple of Christmas’ ago, I keep forgetting that she (rudely) left it at my Grans, and now I have somewhere to put it, I’m staking my claim to it. It’s a bit flimsier than I would like but I don’t plan on moving it around too much once it has a more permanent home. Having tried it out, I’m a bit sad that it doesn’t spin as much as it’s meant to but it’s still quite a sweet decorative item, and it’s always nice to have somewhere else to safely place a tea-light.

Just in case I didn’t have enough tea-lights…

You may recognise this from Day Thirteen’s ‘Photo A Day’. I’m really quite happy with it, I hope to use it as storage but next weekend it will play a big part in helping me out with moving all my shoes to Newbury.
Like I mentioned in Friday’s post, I found a few other things. I think it’s been decided that the draftsman’s drawers are a ‘no’ for the moment because it’s a pretty big piece and we can’t figure out what to put in them. We’ll be getting some small boxes as well though, which will be handy for storage/extra seats, and all they need is a quick dab of paint. Friday night was spent catching up with Eastenders and American shows – Moon being at work has meant that I’ve missed so much New Girl!

Saturday was Ikea day, and it was a pretty big day. Everyone always says how big Croydon Ikea is, and yeah I never disputed it, but it is massive! I love Ikea and everything Ikea, but by the end of the first floor, I found myself slightly losing the will to live.

It took us nearly three hours to do the whole thing. I found a perfect, but too big mirror, and we didn’t come out with either of the big items we actually wanted – an armchair and a coffee table – and we still haven’t got them, but we picked up important small bits, like glasses and an ironing board for Moon. I was mainly there for the meatballs and to lust over the showroom displays so it was always going to be a great day out. I’m a bit sad there weren’t any bookcases exactly meeting my taste, but I think that’s a tough one so I don’t blame anyone and will just keep searching.

How great are these bed sheets?

After Ikea, we were on to a winner when we popped into Purley Way Sainsbury’s, I managed to get a lovely duck egg-coloured tea towel set, throw and oven glove, the throw was only £2.60, I smell a colour scheme. ♥ ♥ ♥
For tea, we tried out an M&S special edition ‘New York Pastrami’ Pizza and I must say I was a bit disappointed by the whole thing. Gherkins, however delicious, do not belong on a pizza, the packaging suggested something amazing but I guess it just didn’t do the job it was supposed to.

It does look nice though doesn’t it, don’t be fooled. The garlic bread was also not garlicky enough #sadface.

Today involved another early rise, only this time for some second-hand looting. We went back to the Pease Pottage carboot that we went to last weekend. There was some mild success, we found a mirror and two saucepans, not bad. It was so cold, which was a bit of a bummer, it’s a huge carboot though, although it doesn’t quite meet up to Rusper’s high standards, it probably does deserve it’s accolade of ‘largest carboot in the South-East’.

This Monopoly box was beautiful, if I was always playing Monopoly – which unfortunately, I’m not – I would have picked it up. It came with wooden houses and hotels, but the money was probably better spent on useful homewares.

I’ve seen so many amazing dogs today, these Shiba Inus were my second-favourite, next to a King Charles spaniel called Bella that I met when we were over in Guildford this afternoon.

We finished up the afternoon with Chris and Calvert in Guildford, and more shopping for homewares. Nothing seems to be what I want at the moment, anywhere. I don’t want fashion items for my home and that seems to be the ‘in’ thing, funnily enough. Our last stop was a shop called Sabichi, which turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Despite looking like yet another unaffordable homewares shop, we walked out with a 16-piece dinner set, a mug tree and a kitchen roll holder for under £30. I spied a pug mug set on my way out but I think we have far too many mugs to be getting on with, we will never have that many people for coffee. I also picked up two of their ‘snug mugs’, in a lovely pastel-turquoise as it goes with the things I got from Sainsbury’s and they’re a great shape. If you’re in Guildford, I’d recommend you check them out.

So, now I’m back in New Malden ready to fully embrace the horror that is packing for a move. I’ve already sorted my boxes in the garage and condensed them down to just three boxes. Now I just have to get all my clothes (the big job) and my other bits and pieces and I’ll feel a bit more ready. I’ve just discovered that I don’t have towels, a duvet or pillows, so that’s all on my list. Sorry for the lack of ‘item photos’ but everything is to be packed and in it’s place set for the move, I’ll have lots more to share with you by then though, I’m sure.

Being back at home is nice, I think my favourite girl missed me, even if she won’t admit it.

Did you do anything for your home this weekend? Any pleasant surprises?

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