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Newbury Home.

Hello! I’d like to begin by stating how freaked out I am that in my absence, Blogger appears to have had a complete personality overhaul, we’ll see how it goes shall we?

I’ve spent a lot of this week sat in our new flat watching The Real Housewives of Orange County. What is a girl to do when it’s pouring outside and there’s no Internet? It took way less time to unpack than I thought it would and we were all done by Sunday evening – in time for The Voice, yes! – and celebrated with a post-unpacking-how-great-we’re-moved-in Bucks Fizz toast.

I’ll apologise immediately for doing such a ‘everything’-heavy post, but it’s been a while and I have so much to tell you. My job hunt, despite lack of Internet has been mildly successful and I’m officially signed up with two of the recruitment agencies in Newbury – I’d like to big up Newbury’s Reed btw, their staff are fab – and I even have an interview with Crew Clothing on Monday. Don’t get me wrong, retail has never been my first choice, but believe it or not this is actually the first shot I’ve even had at a retail role, as they seem to be just as good at ignoring me as other positions. A photography role I went for in Reading last week sadly wasn’t to be, as I’m without a full driving license, but the new home and start have me in a positive mood so I’m not too downtrodden.

Anyway, I’m sure that what I have to say really isn’t thatfantastic, as as I said, I’ve been vegging out on the sofa all week. So here is our home, and it’s becoming more so by the day, I can’t wait to have our friends come and stay, we’re in dire need of at least one comfortable chair though, which is what Sunday’s planned monster carboot voyage is for.
This is from when things were a bit overwhelming. Easily the most boring and annoying thing to unpack was clothes, so repetitive and there’s just so much of them.

This is Moon unpacking our bargain-tastic TV table.

This is from the first night, things look a bit different now, but similar. We concentrated on making up our bed and then doing the kitchen/lounge, we needed somewhere to sit once we were bored of unpacking, right?

Snug mug.

Long came to visit us on Sunday, he didn’t pick a great day to do it, he’s not too far away though so I’m sure we’ll see him again soon. I just hope the next visitors we have don’t coincide with more bad weather.

We’re going to try and grow a few things, fingers crossed.

I promise to take an updated photo once the weather is better, I really love how light the whole flat is. When Long came, he brought us a bottle of Chambord and the cute Rex cushion shown here. ♥

The bluebells and the vase they’re in are from my Gran 🙂

That breadbin is one of the main reasons I’m having a semi-love affair with Wilkinsons right now, and it matches my amazing toaster!

Tea-making station/Kitchen/Dining/Lounge.

Weird thing to move in somewhere and not have a bin, so we had to pick one up. I hated this at first but it is only a bin and Moon was so insistant that we needed something purple for our home.

Garden photo, to be continued…


That black thing, opens up, I haven’t filled my side yet, it did have our bed linen in it until I discovered that even our bed had drawers.

Amazing shelving unit, but thanks to less-amazing previous tenants we can’t get a TV signal in the bedroom, I’m sure we’ll work something out.

Office/spare room.

Hallway gallery, ho ho ho. ♥

Funny how even though I’ve moved the same things are still around me, it’s pretty good though.

Moon’s brother brought these back for him from Hong Kong, so cute!

It’s so amazing to have so much storage, and still have heaps left over. I was genuinely beginning to believe my mum when she was nagging me about how I have too much stuff. I think she’ll find that I don’t, I can barely fill a two bedroom flat. We have empty cupboards, and shelves and it’s great. Although I’m maybe slightly annoying that I’m unable to stay and enjoy our new home’s broadband offerings, another reason we’re heading back to Surrey (as soon as I finish this) is to pick up little Dolly cat. After planning all week how to approach the issue, I just came out and said it, right after getting down to the business of why the previous tenants had cut off the phone line and how some people just came round and cut down all the trees in the garden – one reason why I’ve not shown you the garden, but another being because it’s currently cold and wet. So yeah, we were looking like pretty favourable so we can keep her, and I’m so pleased.

I hope to keep a finger more firmly on the pulse of things from now on, I hope I’ve not bored you too much. How has everyone been?

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