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Moving day tomorrow!

I guess normality will resume when our Internet is hooked up next week. A whole week without Internet, when a job hunt is necessary is going to be hella tough, I guess I’ll just have to build some strong bonds with the local recruitment agencies. I’ve applied for the ‘most important’ jobs to come up in the last few days, lucky me for having a smart phone, I suppose… Pity about the restricting data charges though…

It only really took me around three days to pack everything, and I did a lot more today than any other day. Most of today felt a lot like it was just this, forever, but I think realistically it probably only took about half an hour.

It’s going to be so weird that this time tomorrow Moon and I will be getting ready to spend our first night in our own place. We’ve lived together for practically four out of the (nearly) six years we’ve been together and it’s still weird to me, exciting and fun, but weird, I think it’s a good weird though.

It’s probably good that I’ll be able to take a step back from this for a while, I’m struggling to think of post/have anything to post about, but don’t desert me, I’m going to try and come back fresh.

I hope that you have a fun weekend and a great week and I hope to see you when I’m able to reconnect with civilisation. ♥

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