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Crispy Crackolates
– 1 oz caster sugar
– 1 oz butter
– 1 oz golden syrup
– 1 oz cocoa powder
– 1 oz cornflakes – we used Crunchy Nut but I like Coco Pops too
For Easter decoration – Mini Eggs – we did three per cake

1. Mix together the caster sugar, cocoa powder.
2. Add butter to caster sugar and cocoa powder and melt mixture in a bowl over bowling water.
3. Once melted add the golden syrup.
4. Add cornflakes to mixture and combine until all cornflakes are covered.
5. Separate mixture into cake cases and leave to cool – add Mini Eggs for decoration as desired.

Not quite the baking that’s been a heavy topic on Twitter today, but a simple recipe that’s delicious and easy to follow. I also thought I’d take the time to share these cute ‘vintage’ cookery books with you. As long as I can remember these were the first cookery books I’d go to whenever baking at my Gran’s house, they were used by my Dad and uncles so they’re definitely items I treasure. I might be a bit more advanced now but they’re still a good point of reference for simple things, I thought I’d share the cute illustrations and neat presentation style with you.

I hope that you had a fun Easter Sunday and got to eat all the chocolate you wanted, I only ever really get one egg nowadays, not that that’s going to do me any harm. I went to two car boots this morning in an attempt to bag some bargains for our flat, but returned empty-handed, I’m placing blame on a combination of Easter and horrid weather. I then went for a tasty pub lunch at the Surrey Yeoman with Moon, Chris and Calvert before ducking out of an afternoon of football (phew!). My favourite kind of Sunday, a relaxing yet busy one, although I was a bit of a grump about the early start.

The books are called ‘My Learn to Cook Book’ and ‘Fun-To-Cook Book’, the designs are so 70’s ♥

Throughout both books there are helpful kitchen tips.

It’s been a cracking day for catching up with blogs and looking at cute Spring and Easter-related things, here’s a short list of my faves.

It’s Easter Sunday, so it’s the perfect excuse (although who actually needs one?) to look at lots of different breeds of adorable bunnies.

  • A Beautiful Mess: Sundae Sunday — A tasty-looking ice cream version of traditional Easter nests.
  • Pineapple flower decorations — Chinese tutorial but great photos so really easy to follow. This is definitely one to try, a cute, different and fresh way to decorate cupcakes, I’m pretty impressed.
  • Baked Eggs in Bread Bowls — I can’t understand how I’ve overlooked Noble Pig for so long, there are so many good recipes to scout out, I only picked this because of the whole ‘eggs and it’s Easter’ thing. I’ve needed some new recipes for a while and Noble Pig is a more than substantial treasure trove.
  • Deviled Egg Chicks — These look really cute and would be great for a buffet-style dinner party but after a read-through I’m more than reminded of the mayonegg scene from Arrested Development, which is a bit off-putting.
  • How To Make Speckled Eggs — I don’t see why Easter needs to be an excuse, I’d like to do this all year round.
  • A Bun in the Oven (via Charlotte Theroux) — Something else that should be standard and not just for Easter, bunny-shaped bread. Generally homemade bread is good anyway but this seriously raises the bar.
  • Easter Cupcakes — Kim from Sweet Monday sure does bake some nice things, and these bite-size cupcakes are no exception.

  • Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday weekend, I’m so excited about being around the whole Johnston clan tomorrow, it will also be the first time I’m meeting the latest additions to the family, my new twin cousins, Gilbert and Walter.

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