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So zapped from this week, I feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground. Even when I’ve not actually been doing anything I’ve really stuck at keeping myself occupied. Today was a terrible day and I’m pretty sure I spent about a quarter of it in traffic jams, sure I wasn’t driving but I had places to be.

Take-three of this week’s house hunt in Newbury today and we were incredibly unsuccessful yet again. The first was incredibly overpriced and not that great anyway and the second had a great downstairs but awkward upstairs, not to mention a weird garden (although at least it had one) and was right next to a main road and so noisy inside. We’re looking at a couple more on Monday, but Moon will be starting his job and it makes things very up in the air as to when we can view, especially seeing as his job will mainly involve driving so commuting to and from Dorking adds to this and I can’t really afford to take the train down there to view houses all the time, especially three times a week.

The job hunt isn’t looking much better either, I had a promising email letting me know I was the right candidate for the role but that I lived a bit far away, despite applying for it because it was closer to Newbury. It actually was about halfway between here and there but I never got a response when I explained that travelling wasn’t an issue, and I’ve tried ringing but the contact never seems to be there. I haven’t had a lot of time to look for jobs this week but I’ve been trying, having received two rejection letters by post and one rejection email this week, there’s only so much bad luck I think I can continue to get… but onwards and upwards, something’s bound to come up soon, etc.

In slightly more positive news, the lovely NUJDM posse have used a couple of my photos in a report about the Leveson investigations. You can take a look at the articles here, and my photos were used here and here. It’s quite hard to believe that NUJDM was nearly a year ago.

At least the weather has been fun this week, I’ve nearly finished my chest, and I’m pretty proud of it really, I just hope it doesn’t suddenly rain. Here’s a photo of Moon looking like a babestation.

This outfit is from Monday, which I know is basically forever ago, but I had to share this dress with you, I’m so pleased with it. I don’t know why I ever stopped rummaging in charity shops and online, I blame Portsmouth’s shoddy charity offerings. These were taken on a quick walk by the canal whilst we were down in Newbury. We were actually looking at a flat that was practically on the canal, but sadly it was pokey, expensive, and generally not what we’re looking for. Location-wise you couldn’t fault it though, I’m definitely looking forward to being down there and taking Sunday strolls and feeding swans.

Dress: Charleen’s Closet, Etsy
Necklaces: Primark, H&M
Belt: eBay
Tights: Primark
Socks: Primark
Boots: River Island

These guys were failing epically, but what a good effort

It’s time for me to catch up with more of The Tube and have another cup of tea.

Thanks for listening, hopefully I’ll stop moaning soon. Have a good weekend.

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