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Tuesday Tabs #8

I haven’t got any recent news for you this week, nothing very exciting is going on, and I’m ill so I’m actually pretty happy that that’s the way it is really, means I have an excuse to me a bit less frantic. I have a couple of leads and have applied for a couple of things, but not heard back and I guess there’s a huge part of me that is trying to hold back pinning my hopes on this job with Alamy, because it would be sweet, but the next call-back would only be for a second interview, I don’t know.

I mean it’s pretty crummy hunting for a job, and I’m articulate, creative, nice and a fast learner, among so many other things, I just don’t know what else I can do at this stage, and there will be new graduates soon and surely that’s just more competition. I just want something that isn’t another internship, and I think it’s ridiculous that that’s a pretty big ask. Still, like I said, I’m ill so I can put off worrying for a little bit.

Here are some neat finds from this week, I’m pretty sure I’ve outdone myself, there’s so much to share, and here was me thinking that I had been avoiding computers.

On Thursday, as you may have seen, Moon and I were lucky enough to catch an intimate in-store gig at Banquet Records in Kingston. As I said at the time, I didn’t want to ruin the atmosphere so only took one photo and nothing else. Luckily, Banquet were videoing, and we found this at the weekend, so I can show you how beautiful Dry the River are, especially when unplugged, so amazing, I was blown away. You can even spot Moon at the end, and me, but you have to really look as I’m a bit small.

Atalanta By Atalanta Weller Mexi V-Front Shoes, £210, Urban Outfitters
These are such beautiful shoes and there are so many reasons why, I’d so love a pair to call my own. Sadly they’re sold out of size 5s already, but here’s hoping that they’ll be around for the sale.

Lila Ice Skater Woman Necklace, £18.17, SPRITZ Design
I did a quick search and this necklace and others available from the above Etsy shop were the closest I could find the the amazing necklaces and pins that I saw in Porta in Brighton, I’m not satisfied with this find but I thought I’d share this will you to give you an idea, I hope to keep looking, until I’m able to get back down to Brighton.

The sound in this is pretty great, the whole thing is actually pretty great, but I can’t fully explain why, it’s just great.

Badges from the series Eat Fast, Die Young from Jiggery Pokery.

Wooden Kite Necklace, £23, Stolen Thunder Boutique

Cool Sweaters T-shirt, $20, Threadless
Super sad that the girl version of this is sold out in my size, but how cute is it? I think that I definitely have too many animal-related clothes so it’s probably a sign, but that’s the beauty of these posts, I’m still able to admire things like this from a distance.

Orange Zip Messenger Bag, £25, River Island
I’m slowly turning into the kind of girl who’s never satisfied with her handbag, I mean, I was but then my perfect River Island bag decided to have a ‘my zips only going to work half the time’ attitude and it just makes me a little bit sad and this one is nice.

Darlingtonia Foxy Moccasins, $129, Red Velvet

Bow Tie in Pumpkin Patch, $18, Red Velvet
I’ve been thinking a lot about collars and bow ties, obviously they’re a great solution to adding a bit of life to an old outfit, and I would really like one, but they always seem to look a lot better on other people. A simple design like this could sway me, I think I might have to get Etsying.

The guy in this photo is such a babe, I wonder about it’s original source as the Tumblr I found this on is a horrible one which plays unnecessary/awful music when you open it.

House Lamp, £59.69, Hannah Nunn

Both: Layla Amber Handmade Creations, £4 each

Trust Your Instincts, £12.98, Ashley G
It was pretty difficult to pick just one print I liked as I pretty much like all of them, I was brought to Ashley G’s Etsy shop, through this week’s apparent ‘blog of the week’, A Beautiful Mess.

Link love:

  • Modcloth’s The Style Aquatic Lookbook — Such a fun lookbook, with adorable photographs showcasing Modcloth’s latest bathing suits and jewellery, Summer isn’t as far away as it currently seems. Things like this only further add to my envy that Modcloth isn’t over here in the UK, I doubt I’d be able to find such cute swimwear anywhere else.
  • A Beautiful Mess: Home Tour — Elsie, over at A Beautiful Mess treated me to a serious load of interior porn when I was browsing her blog and stumbled on a series she did about the home she shares with her husband. It’s beautiful, their lounge is something else and the tiny details are amazing. If my future nest is even half as lovely and stylish as this one, I will be more than happy. The combination of original artwork, vintage, up-cycled and kitsch is everything I love in interior decorating.
  • Grandma’s Fabrics — I’m currently waiting for the cushion inserts I ordered from eBay to arrive but I’m obsessed with fabric at the moment and this Etsy store has so many cute and different ones to choose from. I’m already on the look-out for fabric for my next project, but I need to cool it and find out if I’m as good at sewing as I think I am first.
  • 5 Tips for Lifestyle Photography — I should start paying more attention to my Bloglovin’ account, so I can keep up with A Beautiful Mess more regularly, although it is pretty great to bulk-read. This list of tips for lifestyle photography is really well put together with beautiful images, particularly helpful when considering what kinds of photos to take for blogs, but also great tips for photography generally.
  • Harry Draws Pictures’ Big Cartel — Lovely original prints and this great junk food cushion.
  • Dear Ryan Gosling
  • DIY Dixie Cup Garland — Something on my to-do list, a really great tutorial to create a cute ‘lampshade’ fairylights garland, it seems pretty simple and fun to do, can’t wait have the space to give it a try.

  • On the plus side of this illness, for some reason my hair hasn’t looked this great in ages. Don’t forget I’ve listed a ton of stuff on eBay, and there’s only one more day to go, check it out.

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