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I first heard about MUA’s Love Heart collection back in the beginning of February, I thought they seemed like a cute idea but never spotted any to pick up. Yesterday, while in Crawley I managed to find about three out of the five available colours in Superdrug. They were similar to colours I already had, which is why I went for U & I, a pastel yellow, which I thought would be good now that Spring is starting to show it’s face.

However, and I’m not sure if reviewing things on a blog means you always have to be nice, but I was pretty disappointed. I mean for a £2 price tag, it’s not as though it broke the bank, but having used a few MUA polishes, I was expecting it to be alright. Sadly not, the application was pretty watery, and unlike any other polish I’ve used, it was incredibly streaky and even now, after five coats, I’m still not happy.

I think it has actually been saved a bit by the bargain purchase of BeautyUK’s Matte Top Coat, which I am happy with.

BeautyUK Matte Top Coat, £1.99, Superdrug
For the price and size, I think this is pretty great, and it goes on really well, with no gloops.
Although ‘U & I’ does come in undeniably cute packaging, and actually does dry really quickly between coats, it just doesn’t have the right finish and I’m left feeling a bit let down. I’m not sure if it’s colour, but I have seen a range of mixed reviews for most of the collection. I do believe that you get what you pay for with beauty products, and I know £2 means I shouldn’t expect it to be amazing, but MUA do generally live up to a high standard – I love their bright individual eye shadow palettes – and with this being a collaboration, maybe I was just expecting it to be much more.

Have you tried any of the other colours in the MUA Love Heart’s range? What did you think?

Kind of just fell into this review a bit, but I’m genuinely a little bit annoyed.

While I’m here, I found this photo that I took on my Blackberry of the newly revamped upstairs to Snooper’s Paradise, which I mentioned in my last post, isn’t it beautiful? Sorry the phone-photo doesn’t do it justice, but I was a bit nervous about full-on papping it.

There’s only three days left on my eBay listings if you’re interested, you might be able to get a bargain.

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