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No, no, urgh.

I so currently feel like this, life would definitely be easier if I were a cat.
I don’t think that I wish for that many unattainable things in my life. I just want somewhere nice to live and to be happy and able to go wherever I want, whenever I want. If only it were five years ago, when things were a bit better for graduates, and not so impossible.

Moon and I went house hunting in Newbury today, and most of the day was like this:

It seems like everything at the moment involves some kind of chase, house hunting is even worse than job hunting because they totally out and out reject you, literally on the basis of nothing and even when you haven’t seen a property. But the likelihood of things moving forward from the point we’re currently at is seeming less and less realistic, so maybe April won’t be as big a month as I thought.

I’m already nervous so this news hasn’t really added much to my general disposition, I’m just a bit cross and feel like an idiot for just thinking that maybe things wouldn’t actually be so difficult for once.

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