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Newbury Check-out.

On Wednesday, which I realise is practically light years ago, Moon and I went down to Newbury to check it out and see if it would be a nice place to live, it turns out that it is. It’s pretty damn lovely actually, now the challenge seems to be finding rental properties that are available by the end of the month, if you’ve ever tried this, you will know that it is impossible.

Hopefully something will come up soon as we really need to get our skates on with Moon starting his new job on the 2nd April. Hopefully I will have something myself by then, but I plan on continuing my search once we’re down there if I don’t have anything. There is a small creative community as well as a few newspapers so I might be lucky.
We tried our hand at online house-hunting yesterday afternoon but were a bit disheartened as most places we liked were either gone or not available soon enough. We were even told rather rudely by Charles Abby (yeah I’ll name them because they’re not very good), that we’re essentially ‘unrentable’, that is before whoever we spoke to simply hung up. I guess we just won’t go with them though as they seemed to be unnecessarily in-depth and basically nosey and others we spoke to were very polite despite having to let us down.

I didn’t take many photos while we were there as there was so much to take in. I really like it there though and I look forward to a new adventure. The canals are lovely, as is the town centre, which is so new and pretty. There are so many nice places to explore, not to mention lots of pubs that we can bring our friends to when they visit. ♥

Anywhere that has it’s own sausage is obviously the place to be.

How cute is this? It’s a night club which stays open until 5:30am on Saturdays, crazy stuff.

This is the adorable collection box outside the RSPCA, there are loads of charity shops in Newbury and most of them look like boutiques (super posh), it will be so much fun to have a nose around once we move there. As we’ll be quite skint for cash for a bit, it’s quite useful too, especially as I’m a lot more crafty than I was giving myself credit for.

There are so many swans on the canal rather than the standard two, it got a bit lairy.

It feels like I’m closer to moving out, which is what I’ve wanted for ages, I guess I am a bit nervous but it will be great to have more independence, especially when it’s somewhere so pretty.

I think my interview with Sky went okay yesterday but I have a ton of jobs to apply for into next week so I’m not resting on it. If I apply for more, this will hopefully mean more chance of a response.

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