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Gold on the Ceiling.

I know this is old, but after seeing it on Rude Tube last week, it’s pretty much been in my head non-stop and I’m not really sure what to do. Damn The Gregory Brothers and their ability to make ridiculous yet catchy auto-tuned songs, I only just go ‘The Bed Intruder Song’ out of my head.

I figured I would do this post now to save further mish-mash, but I haven’t been up to too much, you know, due to being ill and tired. My eBay selling was a great success and I spent the last hour of selling counting everything down like a sport, it’s kind of weird how some people literally snipe their way in last minute. It’s been a bit of a weird week anyway hasn’t it, weather wise, it’s been stupid, one day it’s all duvet and curling up, the other it’s t-shirts and being outdoors, I don’t get it.

Sadly, I received a rejection letter from Alamy on Thursday, I guess I have to say I’m gutted but if I let rejection get me down, I’d literally never be anywhere. Despite the jobhunt being very slow on the ground due to me having the flu, I’ve found a few good leads, so all I can do is keep my chin up, all I really want at the moment is my sniffly nose to clear up before my next potential interview.

Being ill hasn’t been too bad, I mean it’s meant that I’ve been able to slow down and relax a bit, which is at least something as I can’t remember when I last felt like I could do that and I’ve got a surprising amount of things done. Things that have been less cool about being ill is having a kitten who loves toe-mice waking you up every five minutes, but when she’s not being annoying she’s ever so pretty and lovely.

As I guess you can gather, this week as been incredibly uneventful, but I went with Moon to Costa on Thursday and placed dismally in the pub quiz that evening, probably one of the worst ones we’ve done. As Moon had an interview on Friday, I was home early and picked up packaging supplies from Poundland, which I don’t think I’ll be doing again, as the materials were pretty inefficient, and I’d generally say I’m pretty good at wrapping things. Everything got done regardless though, I just hope they don’t disintegrate on their journeys.

My mum dug out this old necklace and gave it to me yesterday, I quite like it and it’s a bit different to the other necklaces that I have. I’m really liking collared shirts at the moment, but maybe I’m behind and a bit of a fool.

Here is how my nails look at the moment, I’m a smart cookie and I recognise that they’re really similar to ones that I posted last week but I don’t care too much. Part of me does think that I should attempt some different designs but I like this mix-up. I put some Barry M Body Glitter over the top of a few of them, but I’m not sure how I feel about it as it’s not really the right texture. I saw on her Glossybox review that Kim over at Sweet Monday used the BM eyeshadow to go over the top and that’s something I might try next.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed that I said I felt like Santa once I’d finished packaging everything, I hope this photo clears up why I said that. I was super worried I would get a ton of dirty looks but luckily the Post Office was practically empty to so I didn’t fel too guilty about holding up people’s Saturday.

These are my cushion inserts, this photo makes them look like bags of salt, but I’m sure that they’re definitely cushions. I got them from this eBay seller, they took just under a week to come, and I reckon if I wasn’t feeling so eager, that probably wouldn’t have been a problem.
I found The Black Swan issue of Little White Lies which I bought at the beginning of last year and have noticed that my collection is looking pretty nice. I love Little White Lies, but this made me remember how pretty their covers are.

I’m so looking forward to making these cushions; I think a night of that, pasta for one and Take Me Out are on the cards, that doesn’t sound too shabby to me.

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